the bestbitch money program for soulpreneurs

As women identifying humans we carry in our DNA the coding for bringing spiritual energy into physical form.

Without even trying, we create magic.

There are stories of our ancestors pulling energy into matter instantaneously. Healing wounds with plants. Honouring bleeds together under the moon. And being completely tapped in to the sacredness of our wombs, our bodies, our world, and the universe.

As children parts of us remembered the magic. We made potions with flowers and mud. Were captivated by books and movies of magic. And had visions of the abundance and impact we desired to make.

Our witch lineage is awakening more than ever before. 

And we are being called to rise, alchemize, and step into our abundant potential more than ever before.

We are being called to use our hearts, soul, and womb to amplify the path to the New Earth. To hold wealth as an amplifier of our magic and pave a new way. To come together in abundance, in all meanings of the word.

When the spiritual women like you and I hold wealth, it bridges worlds and creates a ripple effect for so much healing and magic.

Rich Witch is the spiritual money program to tap into the magic of money beyond your basic bitch money ABC’s.

It’s tapping into your primal wisdom of wealth to align your external experiences with the effortless innate abundance you are.

It’s the space for you to fuck with your limitations and be pleasured by your desires.

Viola completely transformed and shifted my mindset around receiving money. Her energy is infectious. The way she teaches and guides you is simply perfection. - Sarah, CA

the codes

part one: unfuck your money vibes

part two: the art of receiving wealth

part three: casting abundance spells

part four: sales, clients, business expansion

This program is a safe space for BBIPOC and LGBTQIA+

viola has helped change my relationship with money on a cellular level. - becca, us​

Now: Self paced

This is a live program with direct access to coaching, activations, practices, and trainings with yours truly, Viola Hug. It’s gonna blow your fucking mind. See you on the inside.

word on the street about viola's money teachings...

some of the magic that happened within Viola's money teachings: ☽22k payments from clients in the 3 weeks ☽First 10k month and sustained it since signing up to ABM ☽Finding $100 in an old Christmas card ☽Manifesting an extra 2k ☽Becoming debt free ☽clearing negative associations with money ☽Completely re-writing money patterns ☽And so many more powerful transformations!

I now understand how to bring both money and abundance into my life. - Karen, CA

Viola teaches from integrity, and brings the most epic band of women together. - Angharad, NZ

“This woman lit up my life with truth bombs like there was no tomorrow!!! My relationship with money was totally transformed!” – A, NZ

My relationship with money is healed and I feel more abundant then I ever have in my life. - Sarah, CA