You found yourself here for a reason.

You’ve been doing everything right.
And things are going well.
(or maybe not even going yet).

But you can feel it in your soul that there is a next level that feels just out of reach.

Your long term success is inevitable, you already know you’re destined for it somewhere deep down.

But right now, you know you’re capable of more than your results are showing.
You’re starting to see how energy is important beyond strategy.
You want to utilise the intuitive gifts you have, and learn how to thrive within your unique magic.

You are the next generation of success.
You are here to work with your soul.
It is time for the:

RISING of the Spiritual Entrepreneur is for you if you are newer to your soulful business, or know there is a deeper level of alignment in your current business.

You’ve done the things, launched the stuff, and are willing to do what it takes. But there are aspects of the strategies you’ve learned that just don’t feel right. The fun and ease you see in the people you admire seems to allude you at times. You’re ready to understand what it takes for a spiritual entrepreneur to succeed in the modern world. 

RISING of the Spiritual Entrepreneur is primarily the energy work it takes to become someone who can call in success online, mixed with beautiful and individualised strategy in a fresh and aligned way.

  • Next round 2020
  • Live and interactive group program

Next round: 2020

#DoIt #YouKnowYouWanna

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Word on the street...

Rising of the Spiritual Entrepreneur was the perfect timing for me. The layers I was able to uncover were incredible - I love that Viola allows space for these type of transformations because she herself does this first for herself in her life. I highly recommend this program and working with Viola!! Xxx
I honestly can’t recommend working with Viola enough.
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