You’re in the right place if you’ve be desiring a complete transformation.

To look back at yourself in a couple of months time and wonder what you ever worried about. To have certainty in your souls purpose, vision, business, and most of all in yourself (and what you’re capable of).

Soulful Business Academy was the huge business booster I needed. Not only were the calls super informative but were such a transmission of energy that had me so motivated like never before.

Spiritual Mentor & Breathwork Facilitator + Podcaster

If you have a cool idea for business and your not sure of the steps, you want to attract clients or increase the clients you have- but your not sure how? Invest in yourself.


Soulful Business Academy has completely transformed me! The bases covered around mindset/personal growth set me up completely for the content that followed about launching my business. I LOVED the group course, have made so many #soulsisters friends

The Farmhouse Scullery – Blog, YouTube, Podcast, Coaching

I can say with 100% confidence that this was the best decision. 

Actress, Model, Coach

Viola has changed my life, my mind, my heart and soul, my confidence and my ability to see and do. I’m ready to launch my OWN biz.

Holistic Nurse + Health Coach + Podcaster

Meaning, the magic and transformation happens within the walls of the program.

All you need to know is this is the most powerful program you can take if you are desiring absolute clarity, confidence, and self belief in your soul purpose and how you can tangibly apply that to create a soul business that grows and evolves with you (and gets you paid)!

If this program is right for you and I am the right coach to take you through it, you will know it in your gut, heart, and soul.

Energetic alignment + mindset upgrade + inspiration


Clarity + community + tangible business strategy


Confidence + self worth & belief + badassery + a growing business

Next round: September 14th, 2019

If you enrol and pay for SBA now you have the choice of joining any 2019 round of the program: May 11th 2019 or September 14th 2019. Please specify on the waitlist form or let Viola know once you have enrolled.

Soulful Business Academy is a seven-week group program with seven in depth modules and three interactive personalised Q&A-style group calls, with two additional bonus calls, and a VIP upgrade option.

It is hosted the in most high-vibe and powerful Facebook group with the most incredible community of soul sisters you can imagine (from aspiring business women or those who already have an established business but desire more growth, clarity, and confidence). All the content of the program and the group stays open for four additional weeks post-program for additional integration and launch support.

If we haven’t met yet, Hi, I’m V

I used to dream of a life of freedom, travel, love, deep soul fulfilment, luxury, wealth, and deep happiness.

In my 5+ years in entrepreneurship I’ve had my shares of ups and down, and since launching my coaching business in December 2017 and applying everything I have learnt energetically and strategically about business, things have skyrocketed, and now I’ve helped (and continue to help) dozens of women create scalable success in their soul business (or set up their aspiring business) too!

If you feel like this is the time to you to make that dream real-AF, or take your business to the next level (and beyond), I’d love to invite you to invest in yourself and join me in Soulful Business Academy.


1444 USD full payment

1555 USD in instalments

If you chose to invest before the official launch on August 28th, the cost of investment in full is only 1444 USD, or only 1555 USD on a payment plan! Click here or message Viola for a personalised payment plan.

Enrolments closed! Message Viola to get pre-launch access to the September 14th round!

Quick decision special (save $194): $1250 in full or $1400 in instalments

Available until May 5th at 6pm EDT

VIP option: Includes the most epic “hot-seat” mastermind coaching session with personalised coaching on your business + a social media audit. To join with VIP add $333 to the price of the program and message Viola.

If you choose to enrol in a future round of Soulful Business Academy, you’re welcome to split the payment plan between now and the next program dates.

When enrolling in this program you acknowledge you have read the website T&C‘s. By checking out with a payment plan option you acknowledge the payment plan is due in full and is to be completed by the agreed upon date whether or not you complete the program, as stated in the T&C‘s segment of this website. The payment plan is only offered as a gesture to support you in joining now, not as a “pay while you stay” option.

BUNDLE deals

Soulful Business Academy + The Podcast Project

1888 USD in full
1999 in instalments

Soulful Business Academy + Channel your inner Author

2444 USD in full
2555 in instalments

Soulful Business Academy + The Podcast Project + Channel your inner Author

2888 USD in full
2999 in instalments

I wholeheartedly believe in you, your dreams, and the incredible success that awaits you,

If you want to follow your dreams, do something which speaks from your heart and you are not sure if you can, join her next round of Soulful Business Academy.

Holistic Nurse + Health Coach + Podcaster

If you want to follow your dreams, do something which speaks from your heart and you are not sure if you can, join her next round of Soulful Business Academy.

Holistic Nurse + Health Coach + Podcaster

Viola is so patient, kind and loveable and anyone who works with her is truly blessed to have her in their life.

The Farmhouse Scullery – Blog, YouTube, Podcast, Coaching

I highly recommend working with Viola if you know you are here to do big soul work but a little lost in where to get started in business. V is your girl and You will not regret it.

Spiritual Mentor & Breathwork Facilitator + Podcaster

Please please message V if you are interested, you will not only discover more about yourself, but about life and business – you will make friends that you will probably have forever

Actress, Model, Coach

I chose to invest in myself and it paid off tenfold. If you’re uhming and ahhing about this course – DO IT. You won’t regret anything. Trust me.

Self Love + Empowerment Coach, Podcaster

Nobody before has called me out on my bullshit in such a kind, upfront, no shit-taking kind of way that really made me look at what I was doing, laugh, and figure out how the @#$% to move past my excuses that have been holding me back.

NLP + Life Coach, Podcaster

I absolutely LOVE SBA, the content, the friends I make, the commitment of everyone in the group, the commitment and changes I am making for myself and how much my business is growing from it.

Anna Patch
Actress, Model, Coach

Meet Anna Patch! She thought she would launch her business on her own, and was scared to make the investment! After she decided to commit to Soulful Business Academy, she was able to launch in 2 months and knows money is always flowing in.

Decide and the universe will conspire to make it all happen! Mel is a naturopath and already had a business when she joined SBA, and found it made a HUGE difference to her biz and self belief! 🔮🤩 Melissa Garrity Naturopath on Soulful Business Academy 🙌🏼👏🏼 She went from in business already, to skyrocketing get income and selling our workshops!

Soulful Business Academy Transformation…. Becoming who you really are #CONFIDENCE Angharad is the CEO of The Farmhouse Scullery blog & podcast, and launched her business after joining SBA in 2018. PS- Sorry for the sound issues!! xxx

Even if you just have a small idea of what you’d like to do, Soulful Business Academy is for you! Hear Tash’s experience of being on the fence about SBA, have a small idea of what she should enjoy doing, to deciding to invest in herself, learning so much that she didn’t even know she didn’t know, and coming out the other end with a real life, up & running, soul business! Tasha Leov is A Self Love Coach & Mentor, and host of the Chronicles of a Self Love Activist podcast 🙂

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