Sister, if you are once and for all OVER:

  • Having your ideas stay as ideas
  • Feeling stuck and overwhelmed when you sit down to channel your ideas
  • Desiring a more impactful life but being caught up in other peoples judgements, low confidence, and it all feeling too much
  • Feeling invisible online, like did you not see this epic post I just did?!
  • Having everyone see you as “inspirational” yet no one wants to pay for what you’ve got
  • Feeling awkward AF about charging, let alone having to tell someone your prices
  • Feeling like you’re not good enough to charge anyway
  • Wondering how you’re ever going to make enough to sustain your lifestyle
  • Feeling unwanted scarcity, jealously, and competition creep in
  • Feeling exhausted, out of ideas, and the feeling of your fruitful soul biz being a “one day” rather than a RIGHT EFFING NOW!

Soulful Business Academy is DESIGNED for you!

Next round: May 2019

Your soul has a fire in it waiting to be unleashed. You’re driven by the desire to build an empire, in a way that not only feels amazing, but that also helps thousands, no millions, along the way. There is so much you desire to explore, have, do, and be.

All of this, drives you to keep going, persevering, seek advice, and try new things.

The problem is: you're in analysis paralysis.

Spending too much time thinking, researching, and trying to figure out how turn your passion into a lucrative business, rather than spending the time in it creating hella magic.

It's like, the more you learn, the more you realise how much more there is to know.

You're wondering if you've got enough experience, know-how, value, and feel like a fraud at times, even when your heart is telling you to keep trying.

I've got good news: Now is your time.

To shift it all.

To epically launch & expand our soul business.

To make it all happen.

And this, IS the sign you've been looking for.

Wanted to do a MASSIVE shoutout to my coach Viola Hug for her awesomeness!! I’ve just completed Soulful Business Academy and it has completely transformed me! The bases covered around mindset/personal growth set me up completely for the content that followed about launching my business. I LOVED the group course, have made so many #soulsisters and friends - truly was an amazing bunch of women and it was awesome hearing their personal coaching too as I was able to learn from their stories/hurdles/advice. Viola is so patient, kind and lovable and anyone who works with her is truly blessed to have her in their life. Thank you so much xxxxxxx
Angharad Woollaston
The Farmhouse Scullery- Blog, YouTube, Podcast

You have a message that is meant to be heard in this world (you can feel it in your soul), and I am here to help you get it from your heart out into the world.

I am here to help you make the impact you’re designed to make.

I am here to help you THRIVE. To set up your Soul Business, scale, grow, impact, and feel utter fulfilment.

I’m here to shift your “what if it doesn’t work” to a rock solid “what if it does”?!

That’s why I created Soulful  Business Academy.

This program is specifically designed from mine and my clients experiences, so you’ll be able to navigate through those “blocks” you feel, as well as the energetic, strategic, logistic, and spiritual components of a thriving business – now and moving forward, so they won’t ever hold you back again from your mission.

I just finished this amazing, self investing, informative and practical •leadership training• in SOULFUL BUSINESS!! Viola Hug wowed me again with her amazing perspective, practical advice, and positivity! The high vibes and level of the Soul Sisters in the group made me proud to realise I’m one of them (ambitious, entrepreneurs and leaders)- I know I’ve made friends for life xo. If you have a cool idea for business and your not sure of the steps, you want to attract clients or increase the clients you have- but your not sure how? Invest in yourself.
Mel Garrity

Heyyy soulful babe,

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Viola (you can call me V). I’m an eternal optimist, soulful entrepreneur, and I coach visionaries, just like you, to setting up and scaling their soul businesses so they consistently make money online, experience freedom, do ALL the things, and have fun while doing it.

About 6 years ago I setup my first business. Just like you, I “did” all the right things, and at the start had really quick success. Until one day all the doing wasn’t enough anymore. My business crashed, my income plummeted, and no more books or courses were getting me out of that mess.

I had to shift who I was DOING the things, not just what I was doing.

After years of exploring my many multi-passions in business, I launched my official coaching business in December 2017, and this time, things really did flow.  I grew all of my social media accounts, grew my email list by almost 1000%, and my income by 4000% in less than 10 months! Now, in 2019 I made more money in the first 2 months than I had made in all of 2019. The crazy thing is – this is possible for anyone (and I believe that to my core).

Listen gorgeous, I know your challenges, I have been through your struggles. And I have learnt how to navigate them, while having fun with the process. And that’s what Soulful Business Academy is designed to do for you too.

I have taken incredible women through this program who have all blown their own mind in terms of what is possible. If you’re here reading this, and you’re getting that excited feel in your belly, you have to join us! 

V xox

You’re full of inspiration, but in your heart there is an inkling that a shift in what you’re doing, and clear support and guidance, is the difference between where you are now, and where you’ve always dreamt of being.

If you're ready for GROWTH, and I'm talking consistent levelling up in your soul biz, you're ready to have it PROPERLY set up, identify and clear out any blocks (for good), and start blow the cap off of your limits, this is the program for you.

I invite you to join: Soulful Business Academy

7 weeks: Next round in May 2019

These 7 weeks are designed to create a scalable soul business.

But not just a “how-to” (although, that’s included, of course!).

A total energetic shift, from slow, steady, and “it’ll work out” to IT’S FLIPPING HAPPENING (with complete FUN and EASE)!

Both strategy and mindset (with a sprinkle of magic).

I want you to thrive in your soul business, because the world needs your voice.

I have just graduated Viola's 'Soulful Business Academy' and what a ride it has been. At the beginning I put myself through so much pain of deciding whether or not to do it. I was worried about money, as I am going overseas for 2 months, and Viola said to me: "Come from a place of where you want to be, not where you are now." And still that was hard for me. But now, at the end of the program, I can say with 100% confidence that this was the best decision. And the money has come back ALREADY 10 fold before I have even left. So see-ya ego. If anyone is thinking of joining- trust that feeling. I have been working with Viola since the start of the year and this course just took me to the next level of myself. I loved what I have achieved and I am so proud of myself, and so grateful for Viola and her guidance and 24 hour support (Literally- she gives her all to us). With this course, you can literally launch a business within 7 weeks. I am launching next week which will be 8 weeks- no need to go to uni for 3 years to open a business (unless of course you need to specialise in something). But I am launching a business and HOW EXCITING!!! Please please message V if you are interested, you will not only discover more about yourself, but about life and business - you will make friends that you will probably have forever, and even that is so special. xoxo Anna
Anna Patch
Actress, Model, Coach

How it goes down:

  • Program dates: Next round May 11th
  • Weekly interactive module covering effective and aligned biz set up, and busting through any of the old stories you've been telling yourself
  • Three live Q&A's with personalised support
  • Facebook forum for discussion, support, and group interaction
  • High level interaction

Week 1

Energetic shift and alignment in your perception of who you are and what you're here for + releasing Imposter Syndrome.

Week 2

Connect with the energy of your soul clients, and gain clarity in how to serve them at the highest level, and have them begging to work with you.

Week 3

The HOW of channeling your purpose into tangible action and a business plan that is sustainable and scalable for consistent growth.

Week 4

Creating online visibility, a strong brand, being seen for your worth, and social impact. Becoming a leader in your industry and how to fully embody that.

Week 5

Having a continual flow of new clients/customers, bit of soul strategy, business logistics, websites, email, marketing - understanding the power of good systems (that anyone can set up)!

Week 6

Up-levelling your relationship with money, and the amount you're able to call in. Money mindset, releasing blocks around charging and receiving money, pricing your services with integrity, abundance + LOA.

Week 7

Creating excitement and awareness around your brand, products, business and services. How to create magnetic and attractive launches. How to sell out without "selling", and acting in alignment with who you are.

Ahhhh can you FEEL the vibe of the epic babes in this space – Are you ready to join us?!

"The Secret Key to Attracting the Perfect Soul Clients, Business, & Life"

FREE Soulful Business Academy webinar:

Watch the above webinar for a ton of value & to learn more about Soulful Business Academy!

It's designed for the...

  • Ambitious soul, who's set something up and wants to break through plateaus
  • Aspiring entrepreneur, with ideas and desires yet lacking tangible action
  • Inspired girl boss, who either knows she's ready to start a business, has just started her biz, or is ready for her new soul biz to grow!
  • Driven babe, who knows being coached will speed up the process
  • Visionary, ready to shift it all, make money online, and bring what's in their heart out into the world.
Hurray. Woohooo. I graduated from Soulful Business Academy with Viola Hug. I participated in the Soulful Business Academy over the past 7 weeks. It was amazing and so much fun. I connected with fascinating, driven, soulful entrepreneurs and I’m so happy to call them my friends now. We grew together every week, gained confidence to see that’s it’s possible and I saw finally that it’s possible for me !! I am able to launch my very own business. I am capable and all the details, the know-how and steps are clear to me now. In just 7 weeks!! Fascinating transformation. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first. It blew my mind once I made the decision and started. This was something I longed for during the last 12 years, a dream which woke in me when I started my personal development journey in my networking career. I never saw it possible to own my own biz, I never found the confidence to believe in myself before, despite investing in many courses and workshops. Viola has changed my life, my mind, my heart and soul, my confidence and my ability to see and do. I’m ready to launch my OWN biz next month. Viola is absolutely passionate, absolutely loving and knowledgeable and instilled her confidence into us. Huge thanks to Viola’s talented and brilliant biz coaching skills. She gives her all to see us succeed. If you want to follow your dreams, do something which speaks from your heart and you are not sure if you can, join her next academy. You will love it. Thank you Viola. Thank you. Thank you. 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏
Conny Hug
Holistic Nurse + Health Coach

Soulful Business Academy

Designed just for you.

I’m over the moon excited to be holding space for an epic group of high vibe women who desire to manifest it all, and are ready for that NEXT level in taking their business from their heart out into the world, to be seen, and to be utilising their gifts – daily.

If you are a HECK YES I’M IN – there are two levels which you can access this content from, the group program, or the VIP option – which includes a 1:1 call + 2 additional group calls.

If you desire more support:

VIP includes 1 additional 1:1 call + 2 VIP group calls

"Working with Viola in Soulful Business Academy was the huge business booster I needed. Not only were the calls super informative but were such a transmission of energy that had me so motivated like never before. Viola is the true embodiment of what she speaks about... you can tell she LOVES what she does and this is contagious. The modules of information were invaluable, and the whole course something I will be going through again and again to continue to apply and boost my business. Soulful Business Academy is the perfect name as the energy of the program is just the right balance of deep soul work with real business shifts. I highly recommend working with Viola if you know you are here to do big soul work but a little lost in where to get started in business. V is your girl and You will not regret it xx"
Shannon Rose
Spiritual Mentor & Breathwork Facilitator
I started SBA with a small idea about what I could be doing in the future, 7 weeks later and that small idea was a burning desire that I knew I needed to implement. Throughout the course I was given all the tools I needed, I became more confident in myself, discovered a whole lot more about me and made some friends for life who I can't imagine not knowing now. I can't speak highly enough of SBA. It's personal development, business growth and encouraging support all wrapped up in one 7 week package. I pushed myself to imagine and do things I never would have had the courage to do before. I chose to invest in myself and it paid off tenfold. If you're uhming and ahhing about this course - DO IT. You won't regret anything. Trust me xx
Tash Leov
Self Love + Empowerment Coach

Sister, what if this year is the year everything changes for you?!

What if you blow your own damn mind.

I am ready for you - ready to invest in yourself now?

Self investment: 1444 USD full payment // 1555 in instalments

Pre-launch program self investment: 888 USD, Save $556+, full price or on a payment plan

Pre-launch special of 888 USD available until official launch on April 20th.

May 11th - June 29th, 2019

If you enrol and pay for SBA now you have the choice of joining any 2019 round of the program: May 11th 2019 or September 14th 2019. Please specify on the waitlist form.

Invest in full

(Pre-Registration special only 888 USD):

Click here to invest via the payment plan (6 weekly payments of 148 USD)

Or message me to organise a personal payment plan starting at just 74 USD

Invest in full (1111 USD)

Click here to invest via the payment plan (6 weekly payments of 185 USD)

Click here to invest in a 12 week payment plan (12 weekly payments of 93 USD)

Enrolments closed, however you are move than welcome to pre-register for the next round. Sign up for the waitlist to be the first to know the details and to lock in your space:

Bundle deal: If you would like to join both Soulful Business Academy (888 USD pre-launch) & The Podcast Project (697 USD – current round pricing), I’m offering both programs for 1333 USD (save $332)

Click here to join both, or message me for a payment plan xo

1555 USD for VIP bundle deal xo

I wanted to share a testimonial for the programmes I just completed with the amazing Viola Hug-Taylor! Over the last couple months I completed both The Podcast Project and Soulful Business Academy and had the most epic time doing so 🌟👑🌞 I've been working behind the scenes on so much self work, expression via podcasting and amazing challenges Viola gave us through Soulful Business Academy. Nobody before has called me out on my bullshit in such a kind, upfront, no shit-taking kind of way that really made me look at what I was doing, laugh, and figure out how the @#$% to move past my excuses that have been holding me back. If you want a daily dose of sparkles, travels, dreams and good vibes, go follow this abundant babe on insta or here on FB @violahug - honestly this gal gives me liiiffeee 🙌 thank you so much Viola for your amazing energy, you are such an inspiration to me 💗🌟👑
Hanne Grace
Life Coach

Hesitating? Here's a golden nugget that'll take you far - make decisions based on the outcomes you want, not your current circumstances. To your continued success xo

Hear from some of the previous participants...

Meet Anna Patch! She thought she would launch her business on her own, and was scared to make the investment! After she decided to commit to Soulful Business Academy, she was able to launch in 2 months and knows money is always flowing in.

Even if you just have a small idea of what you'd like to do, Soulful Business Academy is for you! Hear Tash's experience of being on the fence about SBA, have a small idea of what she should enjoy doing, to deciding to invest in herself, learning so much that she didn't even know she didn't know, and coming out the other end with a real life, up & running, soul business! Tasha Leov is A Self Love Coach & Mentor, and host of the Chronicles of a Self Love Activist podcast 🙂

Decide and the universe will conspire to make it all happen! Mel is a naturopath and already had a business when she joined SBA, and found it made a HUGE difference to her biz and self belief! 🔮🤩 Melissa Garrity Naturopath on Soulful Business Academy 🙌🏼👏🏼 She went from in business already, to skyrocketing get income and selling our workshops!

Soulful Business Academy Transformation.... Becoming who you really are #CONFIDENCE Angharad is the CEO of The Farmhouse Scullery blog & podcast, and launched her business after joining SBA in 2018. PS- Sorry for the sound issues!! xxx

Love from soul clients...

I’d never even considered hiring a business coach for my hobby coaching business that I kinda one day wanted to turn into a full time gig. However, I had seen Viola online and really wanted to connect with her. We met for coffee and instantly I knew that I had to work with her. I told her my dream of working for myself and that I’d love it if I could do it within a year (like omg I’m totally dreaming). Viola said ‘yep, you can TOTALLY do that’. She believed in me WAY more than I believed in myself. ANYWAY I have only been working with Viola for just over 2 months out of our 8 month coaching plan and I have just stepped into FULL TIME entrepreneur. Viola has literally helped me change my mindset of ‘that’ll be nice to have one day’ to teaching me how to step into the reality that I desire.
Libby Wallace
Transformation, Mindset & Spiritual Mentor
As a clairvoyant / purpose fulfilment coach I find it very easy to intuitively feel into others soul energy, Natural gifts and purposes. Viola is 100% in her gifts, She is a natural visionary and has accumulated so many components of knowledge & skills to support her talent of being able to guide you into every level of alignment with your ultimate vision. Beyond this she is most definitely someone you will absolutely love having by your side, As a soul sister and coach, Her energy is infectiously fun and positive, She will hold a strong clarity and KNOWING of you in your ultimate vision and believe in you 100% of the way while giving 110% of her efforts to offer all the support she can give. I would highly recommend working with Viola to become the woman you know you’re meant to be!
Jessica Reid, NZ/USA
Global Clairvoyant, Channel, Purpose Fulfilment Coach
Viola is quite simply, in one word, amazing! I took her on as my personal 'business coach' for 3 months, but what I got out of it was far more than business direction and tips. What she did for me helped to understand my vision and follow my passion. Working with her has not only allowed me to gain clarity on what it is that I feel called to do, but she's given me the self belief, drive, motivation, encouragement and the awareness to actively tap into my manifestation abilities to create the type of future that I want to have in my life. I took her on as a business coach, and she became someone who quite literally changed my life. I now have a clear vision of how I want to help people, where I want to be (both in life and in the world!), and realize the truest version of myself that I am 100% happy with 100% of the time. I wholeheartedly, undoubtedly and unequivocally recommend Viola. If you want someone to help shake things up, tell you what's best for you and give you the tools, belief and insight you need - then you NEED Viola!
Dane Te Wharaupo
Male Empowerment Coach
Viola is a positive, infectious and lovely soul who just lights up the entire room she is in. I came across Viola completely by accident and the universe literally put us together in the most random but incredible way possible, I felt like I was defiantly talking to a soul sister! Before coming to Viola for a session I was feeling like I was at a real crossroads with my life and throwing back and forth in between being self employed to falling back into the grind of the 9-5, she managed to clear this all up for me during my first session and I felt any confusion disappear and I knew instantly what my next steps were. Not only is Viola incredibly professional she is also caring, comforting and incredibly inspiring, she makes you feel completely comfortable and her upbeat positive personality is completely contagious. I would highly recommend Viola and her services to anyone who is looking to align with their higher vision and make overall positive life changes.
Jessica Armstrong, AU
Intuitive Light Leader