Welcome to your new normal.

where the standard is nothing but the most divinely luxurious experiences; designed by you.

You already know that you are a powerful leader, a disruptor in society and your industry.

You have created a 6 or multiple 6 figure business and brand while leaning into your gifts, your leadership, and your purpose.

But you have witnessed that there is a way to tap deeper into leadership and impact, while simultaneously expanding your spaciousness, your pleasure, and your connection to spirit.

& as you move into this next solar return of 2022; one thing you are certain of is...

you’re ready to be held to a new standard – for someone to lovingly guide you deeper into your self-awareness, to be a tuning fork for your highest alignment, and inspire you to operate even more in your purpose and power.

You have a pull, and yearning to work with a mentor who is an expander. A seer. Someone who can support you in the truest desires you have. The spaciousness in your time, the luxury in your every day, the pleasure that can be found within living by design.

You’re ready for massive growth & deeper embodiment so you can create a greater impact, not just as a business owner, but as the multifaceted woman that you are.

It’s your turn to experience the next level of overflow of abundance, pleasure, impact and connection you know is waiting for you.

You desire tools and healing modalities that hold you to the highest standard, to hold the purest and most abundant energy as you are creating an even deeper impact with your clients…

I know you know there’s a reason you’re on this page, reading this message, at this exact moment.

This is your sacred invitation


the people who will be filling this container will impact the specifics of the experience. i believe in letting spirit and intuition determine what direction we will go as a collective, but members can expect to learn and experience these topics in some capacity:

The Life-Changing Transformations are Real

If you are looking for the most amazing human to take you to your edges and help you alchemize your perspective and your experience from a place of complete love and with the most epic vibe… Viola is just that ..just one moment in Her energy is enough to completely shift your day/week/life…. this is the real deal if you’re looking for epic support and other worldly wisdom all rolled into one.

-1:1 Client

Viola is magical 💫. Her energy will immediately elevate you! It will activate you in the best way possible. She sees you more than you see yourself. She calls you out on your BS- 🤣😂 with respect. She’s proper yet off the cuff🤪! She’s professional and fun🎉🙌🏽! Her vibes will get into you- FAST! — Thank you Viola for being an alchemist in my path ✨💕🙏.


Working with Viola and being in her presence is pure magic. She feels safe, yet doesn’t coddle you as she holds you to a higher standard. She’s able to give you insight all while leaving any b.s. to the side, she comes direct + honest but all with love +a lightness to it. She somehow knows exactly what you need to hear, so you can receive it and integrate it. Viola validated so much for me, I was able to open up more, love myself more, and find more courage to own my gifts in my business.


I have had in-fucking-credible results while working together; from launching my soul business (an idea that I sat on for 10 years prior), leaving my full time career to pursue my souls passion and calling, integration of my spiritual gifts into my business, writing a book, going vegetarian, strengthening a on the brink of a break up marriage… all the things and so much more. I honestly can’t recommend working with her enough. I love you viola, thank you!

-1:1 Client

If you are looking for the most amazing human to take you to your edges and help you alchemize your perspective and your experience from a place of complete love and with the most epic vibe, Viola is just that ..just one moment in Her energy is enough to completely shift your day/week/life…. this is the real deal if you’re looking for epic support and other worldly wisdom all rolled into one 💫 💕


V has this powerful ability of making you feel deeply safe and her guidance always came from the same high vibe place; seeing everything as a juicy opportunity to be in total alignment with who we are and what we truly desire. I trust myself and Life like never before and I’m so grateful that the universe sent me V at the perfect time ♥️


I trust myself and I’m ready to go ALL IN.


You are ready to tap into a divinely luxe, pleasurable, and cosmic experience in life and business. Here’s how this mastermind is going to guide you to this outcome.

What to expect as a member:

Channeled Group Activations

Every month, i will be sharing a channeled activation created specifically for our container and the energy within. We will be covering topics of: visibility, sexuality, wealth expansion, energetic + spiritual alignment, and more. 

During our 6 months we will be utilizing modalities like: embodiment practices, breathwork, human design, gene keys, 6+7 figure strategy and scaling support, psychic readings, rituals and practices. 

When the masculine and feminine are working together, beautiful things happen. You’re going to be supported by both. The masculine structure of this container as well as the safety I will personally hold you in will allow the feminine to rise with ease, flow, and intuition. The pleasure will be honored, as well as the integrity of the structure and sacred strategy in your multiple 6 + 7 figure business. 

I feel so aligned with all of this!

common questions

Q: How long is it?

This is a 6-month mastermind that goes from Feb – July 2022.

Q: Do I get 1:1 time with Viola?

Yes! You’ll have messaging access and coaching opportunities within the private chat. A VIP option is available, limited to 2 spaces, which includes a monthly private coaching call.

Q: Where is the mastermind hosted?

The calls are hosted on Zoom with a recording provided, and the group coaching messaging board is hosted on an app called Signal.

Q: What’s the investment?

You should be ready to invest $4444 USD/month or $5555 USD/month for VIP xox

Q: Is there a payment plan?

You can choose to pay in full or on a monthly plan.

Q: What is the structure of the calls?

Each weekly call is 60 minutes and includes a mix of hot-seat coaching, training, activations, practices and transmissions. You may not have a hot-seat every call, but will always be activated by the group receiving their coaching, and you have direct access to support in the group chat between calls.

Q: Are the sessions recorded or do I have to be there live?

All sessions and additional content will be recorded.

Q: How many calls are there?

Group hot-seat coaching calls are weekly (60 minutes) with a few integration weeks (no calls) throughout the 9 months. A calendar of the calls is provided when you join.

Q: Do I have to be a coach or entrepreneur to join the program?

Yes, this experience was created specifically for spiritual entrepreneurs.

Q: How many people are in the mastermind?

There’s space for 2-5 women to join us.

Q: When do I need to decide?

We start on Feb 1st 2022, so if there’s still space open you’ll have until then to make your decision.

Regarding inclusivity:

This mastermind is a safe place for everyone. We will be addressing creating a safe, anti-racist, and inclusive place for women-identify peoples. 

This is exactly what I’ve been searching for.

The Standard of the Spirit Sex Money Led Leader…

You’ve gone on a deep exploration into your body, spirituality, and sexuality, and emerged transformed – fully tapped into your truest essence and vibe. 

This newfound soul expansion is allowing you to channel all of your desires with ease.

You’ve escaped the over-thinking spiral and you trust yourself and your intuition in every decision you make.

Your certainty magnetizes all the most soul aligned people and opportunities you need to start experiencing a more fulfilling reality.

You see yourself and your desires in the most loving light, and understand the power of leading and leaning into pleasure.  

Your soul’s mission has been amplified to the exact people who need to hear it most.

You’re fully supported by yourself, by spirit, and by a lifelong sisterhood, collectively raising the vibration and creating a ripple effect.

You’ve implemented newly aligned structures and strategies, which have supported the expansion of your life and business in mind-blowing ways.

Now that you’ve fully embodied the work, you see your clients more fully and have the capacity to hold space for them on an even deeper level creating more impact in the collective.


You’ve never experienced anything like this before.

You already know there’s magic in being able to trust your intuition and your own decisions. And this is the space for deeply spiritual expansion, luxury and pleasure vibes, and potent guidance and activation in all the ways you already know, and will be pleasantly surprised by. 

I commonly work with peers and other powerful leaders from within the spiritual business world, and I see you, honour you, and will hold you in a way that delights all parts of your being.

So what’s next? If you’re feeling the vibe and you are ready, send me a message below.

I cannot wait to connect with you!

-Viola xx

This is meant for me.

Apply to join the Spirit Sex MONEY mastermind now:

this is for the leader of leaders, already experiencing abundance, success, and impact, and are ready for so much fucking more. You’re ready to turn the notch way up on your radiance, magnetism, wealth, and impact. You’re ready to be surrounded by powerful peers and leaders, and be activated in potent ways.

The investment is 26,664 USD, or 4444 per month.

Message me on social media or email me hello@violahug.com now I will be in touch right away to answer any of your questions, and if it feels aligned chat about the next steps! I am so excited to have you join us!

    This mastermind is a high-level investment in yourself and business, and by applying you are at a stage where you're ready to invest around $1700-2000 monthly.