My personal devotional practices Revealed!
As a multi-6 & 7 figure leader who has built a pleasure-centred company while being guided by spirit and prioritizing individual energetics, I know the impact of the things we devote ourselves to.
This is a powerful collection of a transmission + 3 simple channeled devotional practices from me to amplify your wealth & abundance, pleasure & pussy, and power & leadership – without needing to meditate for hours. 
(unless, of course, you want to!)
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the viola hug show

Welcome to the Spirit Sex Money podcast: The Viola Hug show.

This is a podcast for the feminine leader who knows she’s magic. She’s experienced success and abundance, yet knows there is more. She craves being expressed even more fully in her impact, wealth, sensuality, and connection to spirit. She’s been led here for a reason.

Hi, I’m your host, Viola Hug, a psychic expansion coach and channel for the high-level Spiritual Entrepreneur. I grew my multiple six-figure business by letting spirit work through me, leaning into my own edges, taking a f*ckload of baths, liberating those around me into being unapologetically themselves, and activating spiritual leaders, like you, deeper into the expansion of your soul, wealth and purpose.

I am here to speak to your next level and activate parts of you that have been waiting to be unleashed. I am here to bring you home to your true essence so you can experience “the more” that is possible for you.

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