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personalized guidance + Facilitation

The nurturing yet fiery side-kick & facilitator for your personalized unlearning, dismantling, and healing journey.

Viola offers personalized support on a pay-what-you-want basis. From ongoing support through chats, voice-notes, or calls, to one-time sessions just to talk things out or get specific predetermined support.

Viola most enjoys working alongside people over a period of time, connecting regularly via messaging and voice notes, so you can share what is coming up for you in real time, and they can support you through the process.

Viola has a gift for being able to fully hear and see you, creating a safe space you can feel validated and supported in. There is no judgement to anything that comes to that table because they recognize the spectrum of our humanness, and can hold space for all of it. As well is listening to your “now” experiences, thoughts, and emotions, Viola will facilitate you to look deeper at the underlying concepts that may be attempting to make themselves known, or are ready for you to shine a light on and unlearn.

Viola uses various approaches to support you, that they’ve picked up over the decade+ that they’ve been working with people in similar capacities. With this offer to work together, Viola is predominantly there as a mirror and to discuss how conditioning from the patriarchy and capitalism have distorted the joy, community, and the inner peace available to you. It’s a highly feminist space, queer, inclusive, neurodivergent-led, and proactively anti-racist, anti-colonialist, anti-capitalist, and (I can’t believe I even have to say this) anti-genocide. Here where we do the work to dismantle systems of oppression we may unconsciously uphold or perpetuate, getting uncomfortable to face areas that must be, and being able to hold gratitude and hope with our discomfort, sadness, and rage. We work toward the balance between flourishing in our own lives and contributing to the much needed global recalibration so we can all thrive.

Let’s do it!

How does the personalized pay-what-you-want model work?

  • Decide what type of support you feel you’d most benefit from (messaging, voice notes, calls, combo).
  • Decide length of support you’d most desire.
  • Decide how much money you’d be comfortable spending.
  • Contact Viola and let them know.

Usually from this point there is a back and forth chat, usually via DMs, while Viola creates a couple options for you with your desires and budget in mind. From there you both agree on your favourite option and get started.

Please note there is no minimum (or maximum) price – if you feel you’d benefit from working with Viola, and through chatting you both feel it’s a match, there will always be an option. If a lower amount is what feels right for you, awesome, if you personally want to put a higher amount in, that’s great too. Viola will always bring the same energy.

Is this the same as Viola's previous coaching business?


If you’ve worked with or followed Viola in their previous coaching business, know that this is both vastly different in its focus and pricing. There is no need to pay more than is comfortable for you, and is not “for” a specific person based on their business/career or income level. This is absolutely not based around business coaching, marketing, increasing sales and income, etc. While all aspects of you and your life are welcomed, the approach is not to buy in further to the societal constructs that drive these goals, but actually to discover the you that is underneath all of it, as you bravely tug the thread of your own unlearning and the dismantling of our patriarchal, capitalistic, and colonial world.

How is it different from therapy?

While the work is different, the idea of sharing one-on-one with someone and getting feedback and support can be confused with therapy/counselling. One of the major differences is that this type of work is not led by a professional with specific degrees or certificates. While you may see a therapist for specific mental health support and treatment, usually following a chosen healing model they specialize in and primarily lead by the therapist, working with Viola is primarily led by you. It is a space to process, discuss, chat, explore and work through the unbecoming of all the world has convinced you to be. To seek to know yourself more wholly, allowing in the peace and joy you truly desire beneath all the hollow goal posts, set upon you by society, that at one point you thought would fulfil you. We do explore various methods or modalities that could support you on your journey, as well as recommendations for further exploration. Viola is a great companion alongside therapy or other valid and important pathways you choose to support yourself.

What are some examples for the personalized options?

The idea of offering one-on-one support as a personalized pay-what-you-want model is to be able to create something for anyone who wants to work with Viola and have this type of support. This model eliminates the constraints of pre-decided options and makes it more accessible, while still giving Viola the option to decide at what capacity they can show up (time wise, not energy wise) based on the preposed exchange.

To give an example of an exchange Viola loves, and has been ongoing since the start of 2023 with a few months break in the middle, a habitué proposed an ongoing, voice and text messaging based connection, along with the price they felt comfortable paying on a monthly basis. From there Viola offered a couple different options, and ultimately they agreed to a 1x/week check in via WhatsApp messaging/voice notes. Throughout the week messages are sent sharing what’s going on, and once a week Viola drops in to respond. The option to revise any aspect of the space is available anytime.

Slay, I'm ready to werk!

Contact Viola on any social platform via DMs or send a good ol’ fashion email.

Meet Viola

Viola (they/she) is a neurodivergent writer, speaker, author, and parent to two littles.

Having had multiple entrepreneurial pursuits since 2012, they eagerly, and after some time, successfully pursued many of the goals they had set out for life. While it was always a heart-centred approach to success and business, pursuing financial and career success felt like the only way “out” of the hamster-wheel of labour and dissatisfaction they often witnessed around them. Viola would only discover they are neurodivergent well into their 30s, but it makes sense they could never sustain a “normal” job, and craved a life where not having to constantly work, but still being taken care of was the goal.

Being extremely value driven has been a key component in the career and personal shifts in Viola’s life. As for many, the global happenings of the 2020 pandemic, alongside having their first baby, following by a second in 2022, amplified the dissolution of all Viola thought she had to pursue, and brought about a lot grief, rage, and healing, alongside hope, vision, a whole sense of joy and peace. Having been on a sabbatical from their previous business, Viola shut it down for good, realizing that while the goal was liberation and “success” for others, ultimately it was simply perpetuating patriarchal and capitalistic ideas. Simply painted pink and with lots of spiritual jargon.

With breakdown of Viola’s views on money, spirituality, success, and so forth, they settled into a much bolder and grounded view of what feels important. In the background of being a stay-at-home-parent, they blossomed – Viola wrote poetry and books, spent time in the depths of their emotions and found support through somatic therapy, they crocheted, painted, got re-obsessed with 90s Polly Pockets, came out with their queerness, found peace, and became even more loudly passionate about social and political issues. Behind the scenes they continued to support a client in a unique and personalized format, and the conversations were so wholesome, and the shifts, love, and peace Viola witnessed kept them connected to why they love to work one-on-one with people. When they became ready to explore ways to work again, this is what sparked the idea to offer this type of support to others as well.

As the author of The Human Design Parenting Book and the Kids Human Design Affirmation book series, they hold a lot of knowledge and depth around energetic and relationship dynamics, with a special interest in Human Design, which is a tool they love to use in supporting self-trust. Viola also loves to offer insights and suggestions based on somatic, energetic, and cognitive modalities, centring what feels right intuitively and based on the individual.

You won’t find Viola boasting about societal luxuries, income, or typical success. You’ll likely find them unapologetically in their comfort sweatpants, hair in a bun, comfy-cosy on the couch. Viola loves nature and the world, and exploring various things life has to offer, but more importantly they have been able to recalibrate their view on success, which really liberates us from the performative shackles of pursuing something that will never feel enough. When just being you is enough, we have the capacity to refocus on lateral success, community, reparation, and true success that everyone can be a part of.

Who you are in this world matters, Viola believes it’s our job to do everything we can to think about success for all instead of just success for one (a capitalistic success fallacy).

You being here, whether you choose to work with Viola or not, is super cool. Keep tugging on the thread.