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Kind messages & Testimonials from real humans

I am so glad that I decided to work with Viola.  I reached out to her a few weeks after leaving a long-term relationship and was feeling lost and in need of support.  I felt like I had been given a fresh start and that it was my chance to really get clear on who I was and what kind of life I wanted.  I knew I needed a great coach to help me with that and Viola was that person.  She was beyond what I could have asked for.  I worked with her for 6 months and her support, wisdom and unwavering belief in me was invaluable.  She helped me improve my confidence and self-love, helped me get a raise at work (coaching paid for itself!) and in the end helped me realize that I wanted to setup my own business in order to serve and support others like she did for me.  The biggest gift that she gave me though was helping me see myself in a new light.  Her belief in me helped me recognize my own gifts, and that has put me on a whole new life path.  One that feels so authentic, meaningful and exciting.   She is the most genuine, supportive and high-vibe person I have ever worked with and the love that she has for her clients is so real and so transformative.  I highly, HIGHLY recommend her.  She is doing such incredible work in the world and she is a true trailblazer and role model for creating your most abundant, loving and meaningful life.  Viola thank you so much for everything, you have helped me more that you know."

Alanna, CA

I’d never even considered hiring a business coach for my hobby coaching business that I kinda one day wanted to turn into a full time gig. However, I had seen Viola online and really wanted to connect with her. We met for coffee and instantly I knew that I had to work with her. I told her my dream of working for myself and that I’d love it if I could do it within a year (like omg I’m totally dreaming). Viola said ‘yep, you can TOTALLY do that’. She believed in me WAY more than I believed in myself. ANYWAY I have only been working with Viola for just over 2 months out of our 8 month coaching plan and I have just stepped into FULL TIME entrepreneur. Viola has literally helped me change my mindset of ‘that’ll be nice to have one day’ to teaching me how to step into the reality that I desire. She has provided me with support, guidance and 100% commitment to helping me step into my dream reality! Because of her positivity, optimism and her ability to help me overcome my limiting fears and beliefs, she has literally changed my life. I am so incredibly full of gratitude for not just the support and coaching Viola has given me, but her utmost belief in me, her true desire to see me succeed and her continual heart-fuelled energy that she pours into everything she does. I am beyond words for how happy I am I took the leap and trusted my instincts to connect with Viola, and even more so for everything that she has contributed to my business and my life. I cannot speak highly enough of Viola and would recommend ANYONE who is even just thinking of working with her, to do it. She will bring a whole other level to your life that you didn’t even know was possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Viola and I am so incredibly excited to continue working with you xx.

Libby Wallace, nz/Bali

Viola is a positive, infectious and lovely soul who just lights up the entire room she is in. I came across Viola completely by accident and the universe literally put us together in the most random but incredible way possible, I felt like I was defiantly talking to a soul sister! Before coming to Viola for a session I was feeling like I was at a real crossroads with my life and throwing back and forth in between being self employed to falling back into the grind of the 9-5, she managed to clear this all up for me during my first session and I felt any confusion disappear and I knew instantly what my next steps were. Not only is Viola incredibly professional she is also caring, comforting and incredibly inspiring, she makes you feel completely comfortable and her upbeat positive personality is completely contagious. I would highly recommend Viola and her services to anyone who is looking to align with their higher vision and make overall positive life changes."

Jessica, AU

As a clairvoyant / purpose fulfilment coach I find it very easy to intuitively feel into others soul energy, Natural gifts and purposes. Viola is 100% in her gifts, She is a natural visionary and has accumulated so many components of knowledge & skills to support her talent of being able to guide you into every level of alignment with your ultimate vision. Beyond this she is most definitely someone you will absolutely love having by your side, As a soul sister and coach, Her energy is infectiously fun and positive, She will hold a strong clarity and KNOWING of you in your ultimate vision and believe in you 100% of the way while giving 110% of her efforts to offer all the support she can give. I would highly recommend working with Viola to become the woman you know you're meant to be!

Jessica Reid, US/NZ/IN

Viola Hug-Taylor stepped into my life about 2 years ago when I heard her speak at Miss Universe New Zealand’s stiletto Camp. She came to speak to us about nutrition. It’s fair to say I was blown away with her zeal for health, cells, and vibrancy of life. We soon became friends and she became one of the most influential people I’ve ever known. She’s a mentor, an inspiration, a teacher and a wonderful friend. She really does believe in you more than you even do yourself. She’s also a massive goofball with endless amounts of energy and love, believe you me, you can’t help but love her!

Brittany, NZ/US

Viola is a passionate, uplifting beautiful soul who can’t help but put a smile on your dial. Not only is she understanding and supportive, but she knows when to call you on your bs and guide you back into your purposeful path. She was born with an amazing ability to connect with people, and this makes her an absolute joy to work with. I hold so much gratitude in my heart that I get to work/know/spend time with this lovely lady - she has made me strive to be a better version of myself. Love you V💜😘

Michaela, NZ

More love from soul clients...

You've done it again! (And again and again and again!) You've completely shifted what I thought was possible for myself and instilled some brand new, amazing beliefs in me. You've shown me I have nothing to fear. And you've done it all in 60 minutes. I am so, so, so undyingly grateful for you and all of the ways that you've helped me grow as a woman, a person, a daughter, a sister, a business coach, and a human being. You're the best investment I've ever made in myself! THANK YOU for showing up as who you are so you can change lives like mine. I LOVE YOU! I want everyone to know that you're the realest deal out there!!! You're a LIFE CHANGING ANGEL ilysm ❤
Amanda, USA
Millennial Success Coach
Viola is quite simply, in one word, amazing! I took her on as my personal 'business coach' for 3 months, but what I got out of it was far more than business direction and tips. What she did for me helped to understand my vision and follow my passion. Working with her has not only allowed me to gain clarity on what it is that I feel called to do, but she's given me the self belief, drive, motivation, encouragement and the awareness to actively tap into my manifestation abilities to create the type of future that I want to have in my life. I took her on as a business coach, and she became someone who quite literally changed my life. I now have a clear vision of how I want to help people, where I want to be (both in life and in the world!), and realize the truest version of myself that I am 100% happy with 100% of the time. I wholeheartedly, undoubtedly and unequivocally recommend Viola. If you want someone to help shake things up, tell you what's best for you and give you the tools, belief and insight you need - then you NEED Viola!
Dane Robertson, nz
O-Zen Founder, Mental Performance Coach
I’ve worked with Viola since September 2017, where she has mentored me in setting up my own online business, as well as creating vision and personal goals in every day life. Over this time the amount of personal and professional growth I have had under her guidance is beyond what words can explain. V is primarily a positive driving force, but will easily challenge your perspective for the better – instilling that mindset is the key to vision and growth. I could not recommend V enough as both a mentor and coach more to anyone who is looking to create vision, direction, positivity and change in their lives.
Sascha van der Plas, NZ
Abundant Babe
My [intuitive] reading session with Viola was absolutely amazing, her intuitive gifts are incredible and I am very grateful I got to experience how she works with spirit firsthand. She explained all the messages she was receiving in a very loving way and I left our reading feeling very empowered as well as gained the clarity I needed! I can't wait to work with Viola again in the future!
Tereza Wolf, UK
Millennial Clairvoyant, Channel & Awakening Coach for the Female Intuitive Lightworker
Viola thanks so much for sharing all your passion and knowledge with us! I learned so much and the way you framed things did help me understand and internalize the strategies of manifestation better. so grateful to have stumbled upon you!! x
Abundant Babe
​A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Viola through a mutual Business mentor. I instantly knew that Viola was a women whose creativity in the way she viewed life and business was something most would aspire to, not afraid to push through boundaries others may see as impossible.  As I have continued to connect with her I constantly feel inspired to be a better version of myself. Viola marries her Passion for People and her professional Business ventures beautifully, Her Love for people is evident in every breath and Viola constantly makes time for those who desire to grow in their gifts and talents, life and business. On a personal Level I have found her to be one of the most Authentic people I have met. And it’s true to say if you hang out with her long enough she will have you believe in yourself on a greater level and see that you not only have dreams worth fighting for but that you are sure that anything is possible. I have thoroughly enjoyed and found value in working with Viola and would highly recommend her if you are seeking more clarity and vision in any area of life.- Patchouli Brinkman, NZ
Patchouli Brinkman, NZ
Abundant Babe
This woman is absolutely amazing and is ALWAYS there for me on my journey of life, no matter how big or small the question is! Her enthusiasm and excitement for life, and everyone else’s goals and visions amazes me. It is excellent energy to surround yourself with. Her commitment to everyone and everything exceed expectations! I’m very lucky to have been able to, and still be able to, have this support in my life. You will not regret jumping on board with her!
Shannen Ayers, NZ
Abundant Babe
I have been working in the same industry as V for nearly two years now and I am so blessed to have crossed paths with such a passionate, dedicated, friendly and funny young lady.She truly is an inspiration and gives unlimited time to anyone. Her bubbly personality and the ongoing information I learn day in and day out is beyond amazing and I am lucky to be working alongside her to achieve the impossible.
Danielle Pomare-Mackay, NZ
Abundant Babe
You are absolutely amazing!!! And I’m so thankful that you are sharing your knowledge!! We are so powerful and we don’t even realise 😍😍!! “YOUR LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT” literally, xo
Abundant Babe

Love from soul clients who took my programs...

"Working with Viola in Soulful Business Academy was the huge business booster I needed. . Not only were the calls super informative but were such a transmission of energy that had me so motivated like never before. . Viola is the true embodiment of what she speaks about... you can tell she LOVES what she does and this is contagious. . The modules of information were invaluable, and the whole course something I will be going through again and again to continue to apply and boost my business. . Soulful Business Academy is the perfect name as the energy of the program is just the right balance of deep soul work with real business shifts. . I highly recommend working with Viola if you know you are here to do big soul work but a little lost in where to get started in business. V is your girl and You will not regret it xx"
" I cannot thank my beautiful friend & mentor Viola Hug-Taylor enough. Since crossing paths with her, she has shown me how easy it is to live the life I want rather then the life others expect of me. She brings so much passion and energy into helping others live the life they are here to live - they’re best life, rather than the life they are conditioned to believe they should live. Through her course Manifestation Mastery, she has helped me remove subconscious fears and insecurities which were holding me back from living the life I’d always imagined. She has given me the tools for a lifetime to manifest things small and large and shown me that literally anything is possible. Since I was a little girl, I saw myself living in Canada. I believed that you could only travel and go on a holiday as a reward. I believed that the typical 9-5 was my only option for work. I had a huge resistance towards marriage as I believed it would only end in pain. Since meeting Viola she has helped me over come and heel the pain behind these childhood formed beliefs. I am now a full time digital nomad with my husband-to-be. Today I am the happiest I’ve ever been and finally feel aligned with my true self. We have officially hit the road and are making our way up to Canada 🇨🇦 Thankyou Viola 🙌🏼 I have taken so much away from this program that I am now using and having fun with daily - You have helped me change my life for the better and I will be forever grateful 💛"
Hurray. Woohooo. I graduated from Soulful Business Academy with Viola Hug. I participated in the Soulful Business Academy over the past 7 weeks. It was amazing and so much fun. I connected with fascinating, driven, soulful entrepreneurs and I’m so happy to call them my friends now. We grew together every week, gained confidence to see that’s it’s possible and I saw finally that it’s possible for me !! I am able to launch my very own business. I am capable and all the details, the know-how and steps are clear to me now. In just 7 weeks!! Fascinating transformation. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first. It blew my mind once I made the decision and started. This was something I longed for during the last 12 years, a dream which woke in me when I started my personal development journey in my networking career. I never saw it possible to own my own biz, I never found the confidence to believe in myself before, despite investing in many courses and workshops. Viola has changed my life, my mind, my heart and soul, my confidence and my ability to see and do. I’m ready to launch my OWN biz next month. Viola is absolutely passionate, absolutely loving and knowledgeable and instilled her confidence into us. Huge thanks to Viola’s talented and brilliant biz coaching skills. She gives her all to see us succeed. If you want to follow your dreams, do something which speaks from your heart and you are not sure if you can, join her next academy. You will love it. Thank you Viola. Thank you. Thank you. 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏
"So I started working with Viola at the beginning of the year. I had been thinking about it for a while and one day I just felt the urge to message her to book in a 1:1. My life has changed so much since that call. Viola literally blows my mind every-time I talk to her/ listen to her. I just graduated 😉 Manifestation Mastery and once again, life and mind has been blown out of what I thought was possible. She has changed my life. I am so grateful. Manifestation Mastery really knuckled down in my mind that yes, I can really bring the things I desire into my life quicker than I thought. Things have been happening and I am now aware that I am a conscious manifestor and it is so EXCITING! Highly recommend this course and working with this lovely lady."
"You Glow Girl has been the most transforming and eye opening coaching program I have ever been apart of. Viola’s knowledge about holistic nutritional health and how our bodies work is absolutely incredible, she is so informative and explains everything so well. From my time in YGG, I was able to kick all my sweet tooth cravings and pick healthier options, I gave up all processed fake vegan meats and cheeses, my skin cleared up, I have so much more energy and so much more! Viola really gave me absolutely everything I needed to understand how crucial our health is and how to obtain optimal health for life, I could not recommend this program enough to anyone that is looking to gain a better understanding of nutrition and is generally looking to improve their health so that you can glow from the inside out!"
"Needing direction? Want deeper understanding on the 'HOW' to make things manifest? - I recently completed a course with the amazing Viola Hug on Mastering Manifestation. Throughout the time during this course, I made the most sales in my business, attracted more paying clients, thought of new creative ideas for my business and locked in some positive-high vibe-affirmations and declerations. I learnt so much about myself, the universe and my place within it. I finished this course feeling.. well... SPECIAL AS FUCK! I am a manifesting machine! and ya know what ? YOU ARE TOO!! All this knowledge is available right at our finger tips! Stuck on the steps ?message Viola Hug want solutions to why you may not be receiving? message V; want to change your life AND VIBE THE FUCK UP message V! I love money (lol) I want to be successful- I am worth investing in--- you are too!! Investing in yourself will be THE BEST decision you will ever make-- ever!! ❤️"
"If you EVER get an opportunity to jump on one of Viola’s programmes or to work with her DO IT!!!! Her Manifestation Mastery programme is legit jam packed with so many key light bulb moments about our power as humans and how we can tap into the abundant vortex of the universe to create our desired reality. Viola’s passion and self belief is SO contagious even just listening to her speak you are guaranteed to learn something. She breaks down manifestation into easy to digest concepts that will literally blow your mind. I’m amazed and so grateful for how much belief I now have in myself and the power of my dreams thanks to Viola and her living, breathing and teaching of manifestation!!!!"
Viola Hug-Taylor was the catalyst for my podcast and if I hadn't completed The Podcast Project (best thing I've ever done for motivation, education and amazingness all in one [10] day package) I wouldn't be here squealing about how I excited I am to everyone on FB. Viola is such an intuitive teacher, an amazing friend, someone who shows up and expects the best you can give - which means you give her everything you've got! V holds you accountable in the most encouraging way and I am so fortunate to have found her!! If you're thinking about making a poddy and don't know where to start, hit her up!!! Literally so much love for this amazing woman.
I highly recommend the You Glow Girl Program. I started my health journey at the start of 2018 when a Bowen and EFT specialist recommended I remove dairy from my life. I had already received a message intuitively to cut Alcohol as well. This catapulted a whole series of new levels of awareness. When Viola advertised the program I was immediately drawn to it. Being a person who works predominantly from an intuitive space I knew better than to go against my guidance. Boy oh boy! I was not disappointed! I admire V so much. She is filled with so much credible knowledge and awareness and she really walks her talk. I 100 percent trust her knowledge because I know that she goes to extreme lengths to make sure that what she is saying is credible. There are so many nutritionists out there who simply Parrot what they hear and don’t really look into the facts. Viola is well researched, abundantly knowledgeable, super responsive and has a wicked sense of humour and energy that she brings to everything she does. In this short six week period I have seen dramatic changes in my body and energy levels. I am genuinely craving healthy foods because of the education I have received around their benefits. In the past I have resisted these changes because of a lack of information as to the real “why”. Viola’s information is so juicy and fresh and completely radicalised the way I shop and eat. She has also inspired me to get back into really loving and honouring my body and I am in the process of signing up to body awareness classes and I have started my Yoga practice again. If you’re disconnected from your Body, struggling with Yo-Yo dieting and sick of Parroted information this is the program to go for. You won’t be let down.
I have just graduated Viola's 'Soulful Business Academy' and what a ride it has been. At the beginning I put myself through so much pain of deciding whether or not to do it. I was worried about money, as I am going overseas for 2 months, and Viola said to me: "Come from a place of where you want to be, not where you are now." And still that was hard for me. But now, at the end of the program, I can say with 100% confidence that this was the best decision. And the money has come back ALREADY 10 fold before I have even left. So see-ya ego. If anyone is thinking of joining- trust that feeling. I have been working with Viola since the start of the year and this course just took me to the next level of myself. I loved what I have achieved and I am so proud of myself, and so grateful for Viola and her guidance and 24 hour support (Literally- she gives her all to us). With this course, you can literally launch a business within 7 weeks. I am launching next week which will be 8 weeks- no need to go to uni for 3 years to open a business (unless of course you need to specialise in something). But I am launching a business and HOW EXCITING!!! Please please message V if you are interested, you will not only discover more about yourself, but about life and business - you will make friends that you will probably have forever, and even that is so special. xoxo
I wanted to share a testimonial for the programmes I just completed with the amazing Viola Hug-Taylor! Over the last couple months I completed both The Podcast Project and Soulful Business Academy and had the most epic time doing so 🌟👑🌞 I've been working behind the scenes on so much self work, expression via podcasting and amazing challenges Viola gave us through Soulful Business Academy. Nobody before has called me out on my bullshit in such a kind, upfront, no shit-taking kind of way that really made me look at what I was doing, laugh, and figure out how the @#$% to move past my excuses that have been holding me back. If you want a daily dose of sparkles, travels, dreams and good vibes, go follow this abundant babe on insta or here on FB @violahug - honestly this gal gives me liiiffeee 🙌 thank you so much Viola for your amazing energy, you are such an inspiration to me 💗🌟👑
I am ECSTATIC that I was able to take the Podcast Project with Viola Hug. She is such a light, so sparkly and upbeat, and she explained the concepts soooo well! I had had an inkling about starting a podcast and am SO grateful that I took this intensive. And it is intense! In 7 days I went from not knowing at all what I would talk about to having clarity on my content, soul client, and even the next steps in my business all in one. I feel in tune with the sisterhood of the PP and LOVED cheering these women on and workshopping with them while they did the same for me! Viola really knows her stuff and is totally in her element. The format was clear and easy to follow, and I’m proud to report that the Poise with Purpose podcast has helped me gain so many professional and personal connections to boss babes just like me. I’m so grateful for the Podcast Project and for Viola, who is a patient and gifted teacher beyond belief! Take this course if you want to feel inspired, supported, and be able to create a project so “Holy shit, I can’t believe I’ve done it!” in just 10 days!! Thank you Viola!
I started SBA with a small idea about what I could be doing in the future, 7 weeks later and that small idea was a burning desire that I knew I needed to implement. Throughout the course I was given all the tools I needed, I became more confident in myself, discovered a whole lot more about me and made some friends for life who I can't imagine not knowing now. I can't speak highly enough of SBA. It's personal development, business growth and encouraging support all wrapped up in one 7 week package. I pushed myself to imagine and do things I never would have had the courage to do before. I chose to invest in myself and it paid off tenfold. If you're uhming and ahhing about this course - DO IT. You won't regret anything. Trust me xx
I just finished this amazing, self investing, informative and practical •leadership training• in SOULFUL BUSINESS!! Viola Hug wowed me again with her amazing perspective, practical advice, and positivity! The high vibes and level of the Soul Sisters in the group made me proud to realise I’m one of them (ambitious, entrepreneurs and leaders)- I know I’ve made friends for life xo. If you have a cool idea for business and your not sure of the steps, you want to attract clients or increase the clients you have- but your not sure how? Invest in yourself.
Wanted to do a MASSIVE shoutout to my coach Viola Hug for her awesomeness!! I’ve just completed Soulful Business Academy and it has completely transformed me! The bases covered around mindset/personal growth set me up completely for the content that followed about launching my business. I LOVED the group course, have made so many #soulsisters and friends - truly was an amazing bunch of women and it was awesome hearing their personal coaching too as I was able to learn from their stories/hurdles/advice. Viola is so patient, kind and lovable and anyone who works with her is truly blessed to have her in their life. Thank you so much xxxxxxx
I’ve just launched my podcast after doing Viola’s Podcast programme and WOW - I’ve already had enquiries from new clients who resonate with my message, which I was able to share through the podcast! Every time Viola launches a programme, I know it’s going to be amazing - but this has been my favourite so far! If you’re looking to enhance your social reach, engage more people and spread your message - DO VIOLA’S PODCAST PROGRAMME!!! 10 days from idea to launch may sound challenging, but it’s not! Viola made it super simple and easy and fun, as always! Thank you V, you’re a true inspiration x
"I just wanted to give a HUGE shout out to V!! I am so obsessed with manifesting (and human design) so Viola is always speaking my language. That is exactly the reason I decided to take part in her Manifestation Mastery course last month. First, I want to say that I dont think any program that V is involved in could ever be boring, because lets face it, she brings energy & passion into everything she touches! So yes, it was fun, but it was so informative & in our support group we got to share our real life manifesting with each other & celebrate even the smallest of victories. I cant tell you how many "aha" moments this course brought me & I am so excited to take that information & use it within my own business. So THANK YOU V! You are the bomb diggity! 💖😁💥"
"Viola’s You Glow Girl Program is life changing and so much fun! It awakened in me a passion for nutrition and movement and learning more about them both! She gave us tips and tricks to implement each week and as a result I am sleeping better, have more energy and focus, and my body is feeling lighter and more physically healthy. I now have healthy eating and exercise habits that I will continue for life. Thanks V! I highly recommend her, it’s an incredible value for what you get and no one else out there has this info available in one program."
You glow girl was the best decision for me this year. I gained so much new insight to what good health truly means and I was able to recognize unhealthy patterns when it comes to my holistic body health. I was introduced to the world of nutrition by V in an interesting, understandable way and I reprogrammed some pre-conditioning with her help (quit caffeine, started taking supplements, cut sugar intake by 90%) V has an incredibly broad knowledge when it comes to nutrition and health in general. I can only recommend her program to everyone who wants to take their eating habits to another, more healthy and integrative level.
You Glow Girl is the programme that has been a catalyst for the transformation I have been so ready for. All that I have learned, researched, experienced and grown from over the years brought me to Viola and the decision to invest in myself with You Glow Girl. Violas knowledge is mind blowing and the amount she covers in this nutrition based programme is incredible. If every woman on the planet takes part in this course, then we are one step closer to being the very best version of ourselves, physically mentally and spiritually. If we are to stop suffering and dying from debilitating diseases... we can!! We just need to be willing and open minded. Get on board ladies, it will be one of the best decisions you ever make!
I found the information that Viola delivered in You Glow girl mind blowing. She made it easy to understand and super interesting! The holistic aspect of the course brought so many things to my attention that I hadn't considered . It changed my approach to the fruit and vegtables I eat, I make sure i always chose organic now and also activating my parasymapthetic nervous system so I can successfully rest and digest. I absolutely love how she covered everything from science to spirituality in the way we eat. I particularly enjoyed finding out how best to eat for my human design . Would recommend this course to any one who's interested in their overall health and wants to bring awareness to what they're putting in their body and how it affecting them.
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