Hey fellow coach - I know you've been wanting to start a podcast, and I totally agree, it's an awesome idea!

Listen, I get the confusion that overtakes you after you have a great idea for a podcast....

Why start a podcast?

Guess what the number one way to create successful business online is these days?

Nope, it’s not fancy marketing, not your number of followers, not your current situation or circumstance. 

The number one way to create successful business online, is:

a podcast is one of the most powerful and consistent ways to build epic relationships, create influence, and position yourself as an expert!

Hello ambitious & courageous woman, I'm viola

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 6 years now, but in the last 12 months, after starting my official coaching business, everything changed for me. 

I went from the “struggling artist” archetype, to fully stepping into my power and OWNING my space online. I went from appearing as just another person pretending to be a coach, to receiving the heartfelt messages from people I have never met, and people I’ve never even had a conversation with paying me thousands of dollars.

Why? Because I created an amplified social impact. I built the most amazing relationships with my social tribe. I become a person of incredible value.

I stopped saying “when I get there, then I’ll do that,” and started taking myself serious as an entrepreneur in the now. That’s why I decided to start a podcast, I committed, did my research, got advice, was held accountable, and I launched the damn thing.

And you can do it too, right here, right now.

I’ve just launched my podcast after doing Viola’s Podcast programme and WOW - I’ve already had enquiries from new clients who resonate with my message, which I was able to share through the podcast! Every time Viola launches a programme, I know it’s going to be amazing - but this has been my favourite so far! If you’re looking to enhance your social reach, engage more people and spread your message - DO VIOLA’S PODCAST PROGRAMME!!! 10 days from idea to launch may sound challenging, but it’s not! Viola made it super simple and easy and fun, as always! Thank you V, you’re a true inspiration x
Libby Wallace
The Self Wealth Project podcast

Listen, I KNOW the feeling of feeling like just another fish in the sea, when you are actually born to be a unicorn.

I understand the struggle that comes with having SO many plans, and wondering where the heck all the time has gone.

I know the feeling of defeat when it feels like it’s just another year where you haven’t done all you wanted to do.

Here's the good news: It's not too late.

If you want to make 2019 the year you launch your podcast, stand out, increase your social impact – Now is the perfect time – we are half way through the year already!

In fact, you only need 10 days.

That’s right, 10 days.

I know it’s not that you don’t have the talents, skills, or know-how to launch your podcast.

But I also know how powerful accountability is when you’re ready to just get the damn thing done, so I’m calling in a group of high level woman who are ready for a new level.

I’m here to hold you to your highest standard, create a space where you can thrive creatively, workshop + brainstorm with fellow ambitious babes, get your podcast ready for the world while also understanding how to use it to increase your online presence, and most importantly – to keep you accountable.

When? Next round begins July 1st – lock in your spot now!

This program is consciously designed as a 10 day intensive because I know you are ready to just get it done, and the results you can have in a high vibe space like this is beyond powerful.

I love the content you are providing, such an inspiring person and I've received so much value.
iTunes review, NZ
Viola Hug-Taylor was the catalyst for my podcast and if I hadn't completed The Podcast Project (best thing I've ever done for motivation, education and amazingness all in one [10] day package) I wouldn't be here squealing about how I excited I am to everyone on FB. Viola is such an intuitive teacher, an amazing friend, someone who shows up and expects the best you can give - which means you give her everything you've got! V holds you accountable in the most encouraging way and I am so fortunate to have found her!! If you're thinking about making a poddy and don't know where to start, hit her up!!! Literally so much love for this amazing woman.
Tash Leov
Chronicles of a Self Love Activist podcast
Viola has a way of expressing the joy not only in life but in the grind too. I love listening to her & her interviews. Number 1 for mindset training !
iTunes review, AU

If you’re ready to up your social impact, increase your perceived value, and have a heck of a lot of fun along the way, this is for you!

10 days: Next round begins July 1st 2019

These high-level 10 days are designed to amplify your social impact and launch your podcast – right up to “submit” to iTunes & a full rounded social launch!

We will cover not only the “how-to” of the podcast, but combining the energy of the high level babes who are ready for their next level, and using this to brainstorm and workshop, will mean your PERFECT podcast will emerge.

The world needs your voice: podcast it.

I took a leap of faith, feeling intuitively that a podcast would be good for my brand but freaking the heck out at the same time of the thought of ACTUALLY doing a podcast. This course not only made the behind the scenes creation of it so streamlined but also empowered me with confidence & the tools I needed to launch my own podcast. Upon launching my podcast it hit the Apple New & Noteworthy Charts, top 13 in its category & also got onto the Apple What’s Hot chart. Viola once again is killing it with her courses & bringing her clients into mega success - thank you ❤️❤️❤️
The Farmhouse Scullery
I am ECSTATIC that I was able to take the Podcast Project with Viola Hug. She is such a light, so sparkly and upbeat, and she explained the concepts soooo well! I had had an inkling about starting a podcast and am SO grateful that I took this intensive. And it is intense! In 7 days I went from not knowing at all what I would talk about to having clarity on my content, soul client, and even the next steps in my business all in one. I feel in tune with the sisterhood of the PP and LOVED cheering these women on and workshopping with them while they did the same for me! Viola really knows her stuff and is totally in her element. The format was clear and easy to follow, and I’m proud to report that the Poise with Purpose podcast has helped me gain so many professional and personal connections to boss babes just like me. I’m so grateful for the Podcast Project and for Viola, who is a patient and gifted teacher beyond belief! Take this course if you want to feel inspired, supported, and be able to create a project so “Holy shit, I can’t believe I’ve done it!” in just 10 days!! Thank you Viola!
Amanda Popovski
Poise with Purpose
Viola’s podcast project came at a time when I felt the pull to really change my coaching business, impact on the world and my life. She goes into EVERYTHING needed for launching a successful, fun, aligned podcast that you enjoy making and creating and feeling inspired to do. It’s a 10 day course that really allows you to launch in 10 days if you are able to! Through Viola’s program I was able to have a successful, inspired, fun launch and a just over a month later I hit the new and noteworthy on all 4 categories I am in on iTunes! Without Viola’s help and program, my program wouldn’t have been as successful and I wouldn’t have enjoyed the process as much as I have, and still am! I would highly suggest this podcast project if you have been thinking about making a podcast- it is SO worth it!!
Anna Patch
A Patch of Happiness

How it goes down:

Call 1

Create a theme, name, style and topic for your podcast

Call 2

Design your cover art and branding - workshop style, & social media set up

Call 3

Create an episode template, recording and editing episodes

Call 4

Future planning episodes, how to conduct interviews, growing connections

Call 5

How to upload and submit your podcast, effectively share your content, and track your stats

Call 6

Plan an epic and influential podcast launch, and becoming a leader in social influence, how get on iTunes New & Noteworthy + top 100 lists

Call 7

Submit your EPIC podcast & have a launch party in celebration with your tribe

I am so incredibly full of gratitude for not just the support and coaching Viola has given me, but her utmost belief in me, her true desire to see me succeed and her continual heart-fuelled energy that she pours into everything she does. I am beyond words for how happy I am I took the leap and trusted my instincts to connect with Viola, and even more so for everything that she has contributed to my business and my life. I cannot speak highly enough of Viola and would recommend ANYONE who is even just thinking of working with her, to do it. She will bring a whole other level to your life that you didn’t even know was possible.
Libby Wallace
Leadership Mentor & Intuitive Transformation Coach
Starting a podcast was a something I'd been wanting to do for YEARS, but just could never get past the block of 'how to actually create + launch one'... So I was so grateful when my coach recommended Viola's Podcast Project program! Viola took us through all of the logistics of how to actually create a podcast AND how to launch it successfully! Thanks to her support I was able to launch VIBES: the podcast in April and recently made into iTunes 'New + Noteworthy' category! Thanks so much Viola!!!
Alex C
VIBES: The Podcast

Wanna learn more: Check out my Free Webinar ♥️ (soon to come)

It’s time for your amplified social impact.

I’m LITERALLY bursting with joy (#notliterally, cause ouch, but I just exaggerate a bit when I’m excited, okay) about this program.

I am holding space for an intimate group of high level women who are ALL IN!

Love the vibe of this podcast Viola, I’m thinking of becoming self employed and believe it’s all about the mindset you’re in and this confirms it! Keep them coming, I’ll be listening!!! 🙂
iTunes review, UK

Thinking of co-hosting a podcast? Message me for a special deal for your and your co-host.

Let's launch your podcast!

I am ready for you now, are you in?

Enrolments closed!

Early bird special:
737 USD prior to June 24th 2019

Additional early-bird BONUS until June 24th ONLY!
Up to 1 hour creative support for cover art and branding design (value $555 USD).

If you enrol and pay for The Podcast Project now you have the choice of joining any 2019 round of the program: July 1st 2019 (live version), or November 2nd 2019. Please specify on the waitlist form or let Viola know after your payment has cleared.

Enrolments are closed! Want in on the next round? Join the waitlist below for to be the first to hear about the launch, and get details on how to lock in your space for the next round now:

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Hesitating? Here's a golden nugget that'll take you far - make decisions based on the outcomes you want, not your current circumstances. To your continued success xo

Before & After examples:

brainstorming + workshopping

Such great content, a must listen for all women aspiring to live their best life!
Stitcher review
Seriously one of my favorite podcasts. It might be because it’s all about all of my favorite topics mindset, gratitude, abundance, manifesting, money, success & completely being yourself. Or it might be because the host Viola is so captivating & so uniquely perfect in just being herself. She keeps it real while still inspiring you to do better & show up for yourself. I love the episodes when she is on just giving a story about life but at the same time adding value & teachings about how to overcome limiting beliefs. When she has guests on it’s just that much better! Do yourself a favor & subscribe to this podcast right now, as you won’t want to miss an episode!
iTunes review, US
Viola I admire you so much for your ability to be vulnerable and demonstrate to others that it is safe to do so. I think your story is so impactful and will no doubt in my mind be such a powerful inspiration for listeners out there who feel shamed, or low about the moments that have been challenging for them. In a culture of striving for excellence its so important to realise that excellence is a journey not a destination and that our lows are our impetus for our highs. Thank you for opening up. Such a valuable, relatable, inspiring message.
iTunes review, NZ
Amazing. Inspiring. Reliable. My go-to for motivating content to pick me up! ❤️❤️❤️
iTunes review, NZ
I love the content you are providing, such an inspiring person and I've received so much value
iTunes review, NZ
I love how the good vibes of Viola and her guests flow through the speakers right into my ear 😍 I take away a lot of wonderful facts and learnings and I feel thrilled to live my passions and fulfill my dreams💙💙 Thank you
iTunes Review, DE
I have been listening to Violas podcast for a few months now and I am loving the positive messages she shares. Always gives me some new perspective or sends me away with something to think about! Highly recommend.
iTunes review, NZ
Perfect timing as I am purging out our toy room and making space. Mama needs a desk and her own space to create from❣️ [3 // Abundance Vortex: Create Space]
Podbean Review, USA

Love from soul clients...

I’d never even considered hiring a business coach for my hobby coaching business that I kinda one day wanted to turn into a full time gig. However, I had seen Viola online and really wanted to connect with her. We met for coffee and instantly I knew that I had to work with her. I told her my dream of working for myself and that I’d love it if I could do it within a year (like omg I’m totally dreaming). Viola said ‘yep, you can TOTALLY do that’. She believed in me WAY more than I believed in myself. ANYWAY I have only been working with Viola for just over 2 months out of our 8 month coaching plan and I have just stepped into FULL TIME entrepreneur. Viola has literally helped me change my mindset of ‘that’ll be nice to have one day’ to teaching me how to step into the reality that I desire.
Libby Wallace
Transformation, Mindset & Spiritual Mentor
As a clairvoyant / purpose fulfilment coach I find it very easy to intuitively feel into others soul energy, Natural gifts and purposes. Viola is 100% in her gifts, She is a natural visionary and has accumulated so many components of knowledge & skills to support her talent of being able to guide you into every level of alignment with your ultimate vision. Beyond this she is most definitely someone you will absolutely love having by your side, As a soul sister and coach, Her energy is infectiously fun and positive, She will hold a strong clarity and KNOWING of you in your ultimate vision and believe in you 100% of the way while giving 110% of her efforts to offer all the support she can give. I would highly recommend working with Viola to become the woman you know you’re meant to be!
Jessica Reid, NZ/USA
Global Clairvoyant, Channel, Purpose Fulfilment Coach
Viola is quite simply, in one word, amazing! I took her on as my personal 'business coach' for 3 months, but what I got out of it was far more than business direction and tips. What she did for me helped to understand my vision and follow my passion. Working with her has not only allowed me to gain clarity on what it is that I feel called to do, but she's given me the self belief, drive, motivation, encouragement and the awareness to actively tap into my manifestation abilities to create the type of future that I want to have in my life. I took her on as a business coach, and she became someone who quite literally changed my life. I now have a clear vision of how I want to help people, where I want to be (both in life and in the world!), and realize the truest version of myself that I am 100% happy with 100% of the time. I wholeheartedly, undoubtedly and unequivocally recommend Viola. If you want someone to help shake things up, tell you what's best for you and give you the tools, belief and insight you need - then you NEED Viola!
Dane Te Wharaupo
Male Empowerment Coach
Viola is a positive, infectious and lovely soul who just lights up the entire room she is in. I came across Viola completely by accident and the universe literally put us together in the most random but incredible way possible, I felt like I was defiantly talking to a soul sister! Before coming to Viola for a session I was feeling like I was at a real crossroads with my life and throwing back and forth in between being self employed to falling back into the grind of the 9-5, she managed to clear this all up for me during my first session and I felt any confusion disappear and I knew instantly what my next steps were. Not only is Viola incredibly professional she is also caring, comforting and incredibly inspiring, she makes you feel completely comfortable and her upbeat positive personality is completely contagious. I would highly recommend Viola and her services to anyone who is looking to align with their higher vision and make overall positive life changes.
Jessica Armstrong, AU
Intuitive Light Leader