Join the vibe vortex with Viola and calibrate to next level in your life, wealth, and biz!

The Vibe Vortex is a monthly membership to be in Viola’s vibe, receive her psychic and business guidance, trainings, and an incredible community to support you!

When you join you have instant access to a library FULL of trainings, riffs, meditations, and programs. Each month you have access to trainings directly with Viola to support you in your business, wealth and soul expansion, using her psychic gifts, human design, and business strategy. 

This membership includes all of the things… All topics are open to have Viola riff on – motherhood and business, emotional intelligence, masculine and feminine energies, relationships, launching and scaling with ease, high vibe practices and rituals, and more!

be activated into ease + alignment in your soul business, while experiencing deep pleasure + joy in your life.

If you are so over the mental dilemma of strategy or alignment, how you can attract clients without complicated systems, and all the other BS that keeps you in your head rather than quantum leaping to your next level, and you are ready to take aligned action in a way that doesn’t sacrifice your energy or lifestyle – Vibe Vortex is the place for you.

As someone who’s sold hundreds of thousands of dollars through organic social media, alignment, and soulful strategy – with no paid ads, no DMs, so hustle, no click funnels, or complicated biz systems, I am a powerful activator and coach for those who desire it all – wild and impactful success AND ease, flow, and a life they actually enjoy.


Whether you are already experiencing success and mentorship, yet want that spicy activation I offer, or you are newer in your business journey, you want a little taste of working together, or high-level support in the most epic value of ways – this is for you!!

Inside of the membership nothing is off limits. 

You can access to psychic + business coaching and support from all of me. Whether you want to dive into personalized coaching on your sales, social media, and biz structure, go deep into shadow work, amplify your money and abundance vibes, activate your wild woman, have a behind the scenes sneak peak at my personal biz + launch strategies, talk motherhood, lifestyle, business, spirituality, psychic development or more – it happens here. Perfect to those new in business, and those who desire deeper alignment with their spirituality, pleasure, and wealth along their journey.

Being in a membership is a vortex of expansion because you are able to tap into the collective energy of the community. This space is for leaders, visionaries, wild women, mothers, coaches and healers to come together and hold the vibration of pleasure, abundance, and quantum expansion.

This community is filled with women who are here to change the world by choosing themselves, their pleasure, and their desires – and sharing their gifts with the world. They are change makers, creatrixs, new mothers, 6 figure earners. It is a space to learn and soak in all of the knowledge inside, not only from me but from the community.

There is so much medicine being in a container like this – being in a sisterhood and community where you are safe to be fully expressed in every facet of your soul. You are safe to discover your souls blueprint, and unravel into who you know you’ve always been. The inner peace, connection to pleasure, and the unending wealth of abundance the universe has to offer you. 

What you get:



97 usd/month



147 usd/month

VIBE VORTEX mastermind

TIER three

1111 usd/month

Yes, you totally read that right!

 Tier Three includes DIRECT access to me via a group message, and a quarterly 1:1 coaching call. This is like my private coaching – with the addition of juicy group container support as well. It is the best of both worlds, and if you have been desiring more high touch support with me – this includes all of the above in Tier One and Tier Two, and is a total fuck yes to those who are desiring to expand into the vortex of abundance and expansion with us. 

There are LIMITED spots due to the nature of this container – so if you are wanting to join us in Tier Three – Don’t wait until they are all snagged up! 

what's already inside?

Over $2218 USD value awaiting you inside the membership library!

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Monthly memberships – 3 months minimum, then month-to-month.



97 usd/month



147 usd/month

VIBE VORTEX mastermind


1111 usd/month

limited spaces!

Pay in full for 3 months (best offer – auto renews)

Tier 1

239 usd for 3 months

Save $52!

Tier 2

388 usd for 3 months

Save $53!

Tier 3

3000 usd for 3 months

Save $333!

limited spaces!

All payments are on automatic renewal monthly and 3-monthly – please mark your calendar so you remember! Also keep in mind you can cancel your membership at anytime with 14 days notice. Because of the nature of the offer, no refunds are offered on the pay in full options. Stay in the membership as long as you like! Missed payments or canceled plans immediately revoke access to the Vibe Vortex membership. xox

Once you have completed your payment your screen should be redirected to the group to join, please enter in your PayPal email address when requesting to join so we recognise you! Otherwise, let us know if the redirect didn’t work and you will be emailed access!

Because of the nature of this offer, no refunds are be offered.

See you on the inside!

V xox

VV members have said:

vibe vortex FAQ

The Vibe Vortex is a monthly membership to receive direct access to Viola’s mentorship, vibe and calibrate to her energy, receive her guidance, trainings, and more! You have access to the full content library with both exclusive content, as well as access to parts of programs Viola has hosted. Monthly events and tier 2 includes a monthly up to 45min group calls where members can submit questions they would like coaching on and have the chance of receiving live coaching, as well as benefit of watching other high level woman get coached. The third tier, mastermind, includes intimate group coaching via text and voice messaging – have Viola in your back pocket for the most mind-blowingly good value, eva-eva!

Each month a group event is to support you in your business, pleasure, soul and wealth, using her psychic gifts, human design, and business strategy. This membership is also about lifestyle, so all topics are open to have Viola riff on – motherhood and business, emotional intelligence, masculine and feminine energies, relationships, high vibe practices and rituals, and more!

The Vibe Vortex is hosted in part by Viola herself, so you have direct access to her energy and interaction as part of the group! She will be available to interact with some content posted by members during business hours, and is focusing her energy on creating a vortex of expansion for members. Expander (Tier 2) members will also join Viola for a monthly call! Mastermind members receive intimate high-touch coaching via a full time text messaging app (during business hours) as well as a quarterly 30 minute 1-1 call.

As well as everything included in tier one, there is also a group coaching call each month. Vibe Vortex Expander members have the opportunity to submit questions/topics each month they would like coaching on. Each month a few people will have the chance to be coached live by Viola on a group call lasting up to 45 minutes.

The value of being in this space is NEXT LEVEL, as not only do you have the opportunity to be coached, but being in the space of high level coaching is extremely activating. Often my mastermind clients get just as much, if not more, from the coaching the other members receive.

The offer to be in this space is mind-blowing, clients from across the globe invest thousands of dollars to be in a coaching space with Viola.

As well as everything included in tier one AND two, there is also an intimate group coaching messaging forum – full time, during business hours, for the duration of your membership. You can check in weekly or even daily, and receive coaching on intimate aspects of your business like your offers, launching, sales, strategy, mindset and energetics. On top of this Viola coaches on the spiritual and pleasure infused aspects of life and business, and it is common for non-business topics to come up – after all it is all interconnected. 

On top of the mastermind message coaching you ALSO receive a private one-on-one coaching call once a quarter (once per 3 month commitment).

This space has highly limited spaces, and once spots are booked out a waitlist is available to reserve your spot next!

This is incredibly high touch at the most mind-blowingly incredible value investment. There is no other place to receive such intimate access and high touch coaching from Viola for this investment!!

As with tier two, the offer to be in this space is even more mind-blowing, clients from across the globe invest thousands of dollars to be in a coaching space with Viola.

The Vibe Vortex is hosted on Facebook in an exclusive group to make it easy and accessible for everyone on both desktop and mobile. It has many great features such as live vibes, as well as all of the content organised in the Units Segment of the group.

Once you complete your payment your page should redirect to the landing page to request to join the group. When you click “join” please enter your email address of your PayPal account so we recognise you! Your request will be accepted within a couple of days, or less. If you don’t get redirected, please contact Viola or Lara on social media or email to request access.

That’s 100% up to you! Feel into it. The membership is primarily about being in the Vibe Vortex and in a space where you have access to calibrate and connect with Viola personally. The learning,  resources, and materials are a bonus! Plus, there is new content every month!

Access to the Vibe Vortex is indefinite as long as your membership is active, starting with 3 months, and then going to month-to-month. If you cancel your membership access will be revoked, however your vibes will be shifted fo’lyf’!

You can choose to pay your membership monthly or in full for 3 months! Pay in full options are best value!

No! The membership auto-renews every month, 6-monthly, or yearly (so set a reminder in your calendar), until your time in the membership feels complete. When this time comes, please give us at least 14 days notice before your next payment is due. 

This space will amplify your abundance even just being there. In saying that, show up for what you most want to receive and set an intention monthly – this way you will be clear you’re getting what you desire!

IMPORTANT: This is a safe space for women-identifying humans of various backgrounds. To make sure our values align and the space remains safe and sacred, please make sure you support social justice, equitable leadership, dismantling the patriarchy, anti-racism efforts, and the LGBTQIA+ community.

Become an early access member with special pricing for the first month of your membership!!

Join the Vibe Vortex membership by October 10th at 11:59pm Eastern and receive early-access special pricing for your first month!



Save a buttload! #ABUNDANT

Foundational pricing only valid on a consecutive membership and payment plan. Because of the nature of this offer no refunds are offered. Stay in the membership as long as you like! Missed payments or canceled plans immediately revoke access to the Vibe Vortex membership.