What is your
Metabolic type?

What is a Metabolic Type?

Every individual has a unique way they metabolize food. This means different components of food, react differently to different people. Some people may feel more satisfied from a salad, some benefit from snacking, while others are the complete opposite.

Understanding your metabolic type can help you achieve optimal health, feel more energized, and more easily shed unwanted weight.

Find out more about your Metabolic Type by taking the quiz below.

Carb Type

Mixed Type

protein Type

What is your Metabolic Type?

If I ate only fruit for breakfast, an hour later I would:

I sleep best when:

After exercise I feel best having:

I feel most satisfied when I eat meals including:

If I eat a high-sugar snack:

During the day:

Do you instinctively eat:

Standard sports drinks or bars...

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