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“This program has been amazing ❤🔥.

Being in this container has made me see how much of myself that I’ve closed down and hid, even from myself.
After these 10 magical days with you and all of you lovely souls, I feel like this is just the beginning but still a huge shift has happened in me. I feel freer than ever before in my body and mind.
Thank you Viola for creating this magical program.” – AnnaKarin

Wild Woman was total 🔥🔥🔥🔥

This program spoke to me from the moment I saw it announced. This was my first experience in uncovering my Wild Woman & it was divine timing for me.

The inner work was unique to anything I have done before, and within a few days I felt something inside of me unlock. I developed this understanding of myself that has activated a whole new personal awareness and love. Viola’s speaking is incredible, she brings the message in such a fluid and understandable way.

Thank you for helping me find my Wild Woman!” – Kristen

“Being in Viola s energy and healing space for 10 days has been a powerful activation and healing journey that will resonate far beyond this program. Deep reconciliation and healing happened so we could meet and be safe to embody our wild woman. 19 individual journey but that will change the collective, how cool is that
Thank you Viola for leading this work and beautiful path to our wild woman.
– Muriel

“The wild woman program was such a beautiful safe container to come back to a deep remembrance, a remembrance of parts of my most authentic essence that had been pushed away and covered up. It felt like home.

Viola has such a gift of delivering *big medicine* in a simple, down to earth, relatable, easily digestible, and of course…fun as fuck sort of way!

Viola is truly a gift and clear channel of the divine!

I love you so Viola!” – Melissa

The Wild Woman container was everything I needed and more! I learned so much about myself and my wild woman! It was truly a dream come true to be Viola’s vibe! I cannot recommend it enough!

I couldn’t imagine a world where I was not apart of this container, it was so revolutionary! Thank you.” – Morgan

Wild Woman is a ride through the past, present & future. It has pivotal moments of healing and releasing the mediocre version of yourself. Through her trainings and guided mediations I was table to pin point my where I am still hurting and needing healing. I was able to remove this emotional backpack of being trapped in a box of how to express my sexual vibes in my personal & business life.

It is HIGH FEMININE ENERGY that I had no idea my soul needed. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Viola Hug you’re an incredible leader! Thank you!” – Christal

“As soon as I saw the branding for WW it was a hard and fast soul yes! Truly this program was such a wild and wonderful ride of unearthing old beliefs, releasing shame and leaning into enjoying the fuck out of being human. A deep wound I had been working on healing was around how safe I felt to be fully expressed – in literally every area of my life. This experience has been so insanely supportive of that journey as well as deeply supporting the reclamation of my infinite worthiness as the divine goddess I am. WW gave me permission to lean into my next level desires more fully, and reignited a creative spark within me from a space of simply being myself, showing up unapologetically authentically and leaning into all ways I am here to enjoy pleasure and play. I am infinitely grateful to have been part of this magic. Thank you V😘 – Rebecca

“Wild Woman is just what I needed at just the right time.
I love the calls for V’s teachings and I love that I have time to integrate these practices.
Doing awkward things online was not so awkward when we are all doing it together.
I wish this program went on for longer while at the same time I love how I now have the tools to come back to, to TRULY EMBODY what I’ve learned. I feel so lucky. I feel so sexy. I feel so powerful.

 Every woman needs to do this program! Thank you! For all you do! And this magic delish spicy sauce. I love you 💚💚💚” – Lara

“My decision to invest into the wild woman program with Viola was a strong YES from my gut, and before my mind could talk me out of it, I joined on the spot.
I wasn’t even sure what I expected or why, but my intuition guided me to commit to a new exciting adventure.
This container felt so safe, bubbly and fun, that I went along with the exercise we were invited to explore. I release guilt and shame in areas I didn’t notice before and haven’t touched in years. I see my divine masculine as my superpower and honour my divine feminine as fuel to thrive.
I was hearing and feeling things in a brand new way. I moved into darkness to shine light on myself, my good girl, my limitations and my conditioned wild side. I gained new awarenesses and permissions to love myself even more. A power, which we all hold within our sexual energy, has been unlocked and I feel expansive, proud and worthy in a whole new way. The sisterhood felt supportive and inspiring. I loved it. I feel like a million dollar powerful goddess.
Thank you Viola for creating this space and leading our women to embrace the gift of divine sexual power, which we’re all holding locked up inside.
– Conny

“Wild woman was straight up magic! This topic, of releasing your authentic inner goddess, was something that initially scared me. I am working through so much resistance to embracing my raw and real self, of living uncensored, organic and true to my soul. Connecting with this part of me in this program felt really safe, desirable and I feel like I’m slowing stepping into my wild woman, seeing her as she is and accepting myself. Viola holds so much space for those in her programs, and the value is out of this world. Her innovative, interactive teaching style makes you always want to come back for more, soak it in deeper and grow like crazy. Thank you V for opening this space for us, for doing the work first and for activating our wild women! – Sabrina