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I believe in you SO much, that by the end of our sessions together, you won’t be able to help but believing in yourself.

I use my skills from 6+ years in coaching + mentoring, over a decade working in health, and my intuitive gifts in connecting with your higher self to inspire and empower you. I’m so encouraging and loving, yet never afraid to call you out on your BS. Learn more about my awesomeness here (said in self-love, not arrogance, type of way).

If you’re looking to personally work with me, there are two main ways we can make that happen.

All sessions are unique and based on your goals, vision, and desire. Let me know your focus, and I’ll intuitively personalise it based on the areas that will most benefit you.

1-on-1 | 1-off
Soul business Clarity + strategy session

You’ve got a vision, and it’s time to step from dreaming to doing, while having an epic impact along the way. In this session I intuitively coach you in a range of different areas for you to gain clarity in your next steps, and FINALLY make it all happen.

  • Intuitive coaching + tangible strategy
  • 70-90 minutes
  • 1 on 1 online
  • Human Design
  • Quantum Leaping
  • Business discussion
  • Actionable steps to align with your vision
  • Reframe your mindset, life and perception for success
  • Understand how to work in alignment and flow
  • Focus can range between: entrepreneurship, goals, mindset, health, alignment

ongoing premium set up & scale your soul business

While working on your soul business, harnessing self belief, embodying your highest potential, and making sure every decision you make is an aligned one, is so important. Let me work alongside you, offering support, guidance, real life applicable business advice, over a 3, 6, or 12 month period. This is the ultimate way we can work together on your goals.

  • Intuitive coaching + tangible strategy
  • 3, 6, or 12 months
  • Weekly calls + messaging/audio support
  • Start up your soul business, or create greater alignment and results in your current business
  • Focus on developing your dream life and keeping you accountable to actually make it all happen
  • This is for the babe who is ready to invest in herself big time and magnetise success
  • Can cover all aspects from 1-off sessions, and it's ongoing so WAY more lit

Ready to book in, but want to chat first? Let's have coaching consultation call together first: (45 minutes at 97 USD)

Frequently asked questions

Great question. Depending on your goals, what you are wanting from our coaching sessions, and how much you’re willing to invest in yourself and future.

If you’re not sure where to start I recommend booking in for a 1-off session, and we can always assess your goals from there.

Being an entrepreneur is TOTALLY epic, right?! Well… there might just be one little thing…

PRO: You’re your own boss

CON: You’re your own boss

I get it babe, we have ALL been there. The idea of being in business for yourself means everything is always all on you. Which is great in many ways, just means that sometimes it can be overwhelming, and know what steps to take and what will offer you the biggest throughs is hard to know on your own. 

That my friend, is where a coach comes in.

They’re like your best friend, angel-on-your-should, guide-you-in-the-right-durection, call-you-out-on-your-shit, help-you-up-level-yourself-on-the-daily sidekick.

Great question, and the answer in short is – no. I love working with people to be the boss in their business, or to the boss in their life. I do find however, that most of my clients are at least interested in entrepreneurship because it allows full expression of their soul purpose. If you are unsure what you want to do, or want to work together closely on your first business journey, I recommend my on-off session with a focus on business strategy, where we can delve into your goals and human design and create a super fun and aligned plan together!

Babe, it’s all about your VIBRATION!

When your vibe is low, it leaves you energetically and physically dull and drained. And no manifesting magic can take place in a space like that. No amount of incense, crystals, oils, or affirmations can fix it if your PHYSICAL being is undernourished.

I mean, think about it. We are infinite souls having a human experience.

And we chose our physical being as the vessel to take us to our infinite potential.

Taking care of our health is our greatest wealth. It is where our manifestation journey begins. It is our source for the infinite energy we desire to achieve all of those massive goals we have!

Yes – for my ongoing support packages I do.

My group programs (subject to availability) do not offer a payment plan, however I may offer one on a case by case basis.

One off sessions do not have a payment plan option.

All payments for payment plans will be discussed with each individual, however they must always be paid by at least 1 week prior to finishing our work together.

Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof

(I totally always thought the lyrics were “who, who, who, who, who” – but I guess woof makes sense too).

word on the street...

"My biggest transformation from our session together was my whole entire life, mindset, perception and outlook on life. You believing in me and seeing things so clearly made me open my eyes to myself and my life, you really made me see things with new eyes and you also made me realise how tired my soul was of doing things that it wasn’t made to do (hello 9-5 I am looking at you). The universe led me to you to 1) wake me the F up 😂 and 2) to show what type of people of should be surrounding myself with 💗. I was in terrible friendships and in a business partnership that was just killing me and my energy, you picked up on it so quickly and you gave me the strength to walk away from that and trust that whatever is meant for me will find a way. This journey so far hasn’t been without its struggles, but it sure has been worth it and I am grateful every single day you walked into my life and lit it up like fireworks 💖.
Jessica ellen, au
Soul Purpose Alignment Coach, Clairvoyant
"Viola is a passionate, uplifting beautiful soul who can’t help but put a smile on your dial. Not only is she understanding and supportive, but she knows when to call you on your BS and guide you back into your purposeful path. She was born with an amazing ability to connect with people, and this makes her an absolute joy to work with. I hold so much gratitude in my heart that I get to work/know/spend time with this lovely lady – she has made me strive to be a better version of myself. Love you V💜😘"
Michaela creighton, nz
Pharmacist, Health Coach
"I’d never even considered hiring a business coach for my hobby coaching business that I kinda one day wanted to turn into a full time gig. However, I had seen Viola online and really wanted to connect with her. We met for coffee and instantly I knew that I had to work with her. I told her my dream of working for myself and that I’d love it if I could do it within a year (like omg I’m totally dreaming). Viola said ‘yep, you can TOTALLY do that’. She believed in me WAY more than I believed in myself. ANYWAY I have only been working with Viola for just over 2 months out of our 8 month coaching plan and I have just stepped into FULL TIME entrepreneur. Viola has literally helped me change my mindset of ‘that’ll be nice to have one day’ to teaching me how to step into the reality that I desire. She has provided me with support, guidance and 100% commitment to helping me step into my dream reality! Because of her positivity, optimism and her ability to help me overcome my limiting fears and beliefs, she has literally changed my life. I am so incredibly full of gratitude for not just the support and coaching Viola has given me, but her utmost belief in me, her true desire to see me succeed and her continual heart-fuelled energy that she pours into everything she does. I am beyond words for how happy I am I took the leap and trusted my instincts to connect with Viola, and even more so for everything that she has contributed to my business and my life. I cannot speak highly enough of Viola and would recommend ANYONE who is even just thinking of working with her, to do it. She will bring a whole other level to your life that you didn’t even know was possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Viola and I am so incredibly excited to continue working with you xx"
Libby Wallace, nz
Founder of Soberly, Sober Coach
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