Alright. Let’s talk FOOD, HEALTH, and NUTRITION

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Your health impacts your physical vibe in the world.

If your physical being isn’t at it’s most vibrant state, no amount of incense, crystals, or affirmations can increase your energetic state. It all starts with raising the vibe of our physical foundation: the health of our cells. In this session we will clear up your confusion around how to create optimal health, and we can focus on either living a plant based lifestyle or/and supplementation.

My passion for health and nutrition started accidentally. I was raised by pretty health conscious parents (think back to the kid at school that had carrots rather than dunkaroos.. yeah that was me), and when I was younger of course I resented it. I wanted to eat whatever I wanted, and lived for the days I went for sleepovers at friends places where I could pig out of junk food and watch unlimited amounts of movies without having to “play outside” first.

Everything and anything I believed about health and life was challenged for me when I was 14 years old, and my seemingly healthy 42 year old father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. With a 3 months diagnosis to live we tried everything, a huge part of that being major health and lifestyle changes (shock horror, there was more to learn about health we hadn’t yet realised). These changes gave my Dad 2.5 more precious years of life – which was incredibly important for my youngest sister who was only 2 years old at the time of his diagnosis.

HOLY GUACAMOLE, if there is anything that’ll make you appreciate your health more, it is seeing someone you love lose their health.

Health really is everything.

This experience led me to a fascination and deep desire to learn more about why people who are doing the “right” things are impacted by disease, how we can live vibrant lives, and anything health and nutrition related. This has been a journey of over a decade of degrees, courses, mentoring, and self study (read more about my journey and qualifications here).

And at the forefront of everything I learn and share is the fact I am deeply searching for what I truly know will offer the best health and wellness to myself, my family, and those I love. And if I am this certain it’ll maintain our health.


My mission is for people to not only feel vibrant and amazing today, but to achieve long term health.

This means that all of the nutritional decisions I make for my own health, and share with others, is to gain long term success and happiness when it comes to your wellbeing.

I believe in a holistic approach, considering not only our food and physical movement, but also our mental state, relationships, environment, and other contributing factors.

I am so happy you’re here and you’re ready to achieve the best possible health for yourself, let’s connect further. Firstly, feel free to download my eGuide, “Blah to Ahah! – A simple guide to glowing from the inside out” for free below. It includes some baseline recommendations to get you living in a space of optimal health.

If you are ready to work with me further in the area of health, you’re ready to let go of excuses that have been holding you back, and you’re super ready to love your body so hard by treating it like a fucking Queen, check out more info below.

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A simple guide to glowing from the inside out

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How we can work together

If you would like to connect for a one-on-one nutrition chat, here is what I have to offer you. A 30-45 minute holistic nutrition call were we will tune in and discuss your current health situation, and your top areas to focus on to create optimal health.

While keep our focus on plant based living, and/or supplementation, we can also discuss a range of the following topics:


Food - what's hot, what's not

Metabolic type

Discovering your metabolic type and how to eat in alignment to that


Supplementation, what best suits your goals and needs


Aligned movement for your physical being

Mindset & Beliefs

Mindset shifts for vibrant health, and break down any conditioned beliefs around food and health

Biochemistry & Anatomy

Understanding how the miracle that is our body works

Overcoming challenge

Cover any aspects of health or lifestyle that are currently challenging you

action plan

Create an action plan for you to delve deeper and start aligning yourself with the most radiant, vibrant version of yourself

Sound good? Grab a cuppa, and book in with me below, for an investment of 188 USD.


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