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Intuitive coaching with tangible strategy
mindset, business, vision, health, human design/astro guidance

Let's be honest.
You know you're meant for bigger things in this world.

And I totally feel you, where the eff do you even begin? Well wonder no longer, fellow visionary. Let’s connect 1:1 for a juicy 70-90 minute coaching session to get you clear on what you want, clarity around your unique energy blueprint, and how you can start aligning with that vision to make it possible.

You’ve got a vision, and it’s time to step from dreaming to doing. 

I want you to understand your unique abilities, decision making, aura, and have clear steps on where to go next to build your most authentic & successful life & biz

Understanding how you are designed, how you work best, and how to make aligned decisions is no longer a mystery. In fact it’s already written in the stars and your human design. If you’re called to it, we can delve best operate and discuss your business to give you better clarity on how to run your authentic and profitable soul business.

One of my most favourite things is learning more about how we are designed and how we can oporate from a space of grace and ease in all that we do. For us, that would include delving into aspects of your Human Design Type, Astrology Natal Chart, and your mindset, business plans, and goals to come up with a game plan of how to best work towards your goals.

We can focus on your energy levels, empathic traits, how you best interact with others, how your natural decision making centres work, and then go into the more practical aspects of business like websites, social media, and create income #yasss!

We can also focus on cultivating a vision if you’re needing further clarity around where to focus your energy, where we go through a quantum leaping process which connects you to your higher self (it’s pretty fricken cool)!!

This is YOUR session, and it’s 100% tailored to you.

  • 60-80 minutes
  • 1:1 online
  • Human Design Type + Astro guidance
  • Intuitive coaching
  • Business discussion + plan
  • Work in alignment + flow
  • Ability to tap into my knowledge of over 5 years in business and tens-of-thousands of dollars in investing into learning what I know.
  • General discussion of your current situation and what you desire to create
  • Discover and release current blocks holding you back from taking action and working on your dream life
  • Quantum leaping session to create your vision and discover where and how to align

BTW, if we haven’t met already, I’m Viola – and you can call me V.

I have been a visionary my whole life (with only one small moment of time where conditioning nearly squashed the dreams out of me), and an entrepreneur for over 6 years. I’ve got a holistic view on life and I’m obsessed with learning and understand myself, others, and the complexities of our mind and the universe. This has led me to some pretty interesting stuff.

Firstly, I know I’m working in alignment (the stars tell me so), I know my quirks and energy are part of how I’m here to serve the world (thanks to my human design), and I know I’m meant to help others understand their path more clarity too (shout out to my intuitive guidance).

And I remember when my hunger to grow was big, but my confusion was even bigger. Let me clear it up for you babe. I can’t wait to delve into what’s written in the stars for you, your life, goals, and your soulful business!

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Mechanically and energetically humans come in four main human design types – which includes how our aura interacts with the world, how we are designed to make decisions, different aspects realms of our experience (i.e. feelings, thoughts, identity, etc).

HD takes into consideration the alignment of the starts on the day we were born as well as 88 days prior.

Having a clear understanding of your HD allows you to be fully empowered in understanding your own design and energy, and how your intuition speaks to you in decision making – which is all imperative for running a successful and profitable soul business.

Most people understand their astrological zodiac sun sign – i.e. I’m a Libra. However did you know each of the 12 signs make an appearance in piecing together your personality, challenges, areas of greatest power, and your life path. A natal chart also includes planetary placements and different astrological houses. From this I will piece together the aspects that will most benefit you in moving forward with your soul business. Understanding yourself at this level allows you to take your growth to the next level with ease. 

This session is for the spiritual babe who wants to understand herself better, grow herself, her impact, and her business/goals!

This is not for anyone who is not open to how the stars impact us, who don’t feel spirituality and alignment are important, and definitely not for anyone who doesn’t have goals. 

Self investment: 222 USD

I can't wait to connect with you babe. Book in now by filling out the form below!

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