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I'm your coach. But I feel more like your best friend. That gives you that soul push you so need & want.


How much does being your own boss RULE?! #TheMost, yeah I know. Okay… There might be one small thing… 

PRO: You’re your own boss

CON: You’re your own boss

Sister, we've all been there.

The enthusiasm of working on your own, and yet the heaviness of knowing it’s all on your shoulders. Which I know you know is a good thing, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming. Trust me babe I have been in the day dream of what it’s like to just go to work from 9-5 and then get to forget about work as soon as you leave… and your mindless tasks being presented to you daily so you never have to use your brain……… UGH never mind, just talked myself back out of that one. 

Here’s the thing. Working on your own and creating your own reality, income, and purpose is AMAZING, but let’s be honest – sometimes you just get more done when you have that accountability and clear cut direction of how to get what you want done NOW.

That, my friends, is where a coach comes in.

They're like your best-friend, angel-on-your-shoulder, guide-you-in-the-right-direction, call-you-out-on-your-shit, help-you-up-level-yourself-on-the-daily sidekick.

Sounds FLIPPING AWESOME, right?!

Hello soul sister,

I’m V.

I’ve got a deep passion and gift for harnessing self belief in go-getter business babes JUST LIKE YOU!

AND I have the know-how and practical skills to take you, your goals, and your business, beyond what you even know is capable for yourself right now. I have over 6 years of business experience and have personally invested TENS-of-thousands of dollars in making my own dreams come true, and I’m constantly up-skilling to serve babes you like at an even higher level.

(Fun fact: I once invest 12k for 3 days of coaching – while I was literally verging bankruptcy #manifestation – & it paid off – big time)!

My #1 goal is to help you get your soul business set-up, launched, and scaled so you can start making REAL money online. And I want you to have FUN doing it!

You will know it in your gut if we’re meant to work together, because we will have that soul-sister connection. Everyone I work with is not just a client to me. You are a fellow goddess, a bestie, and someone I am SO excited about connecting with weekly and I’ll be obsessed with seeing you have consistent breakthroughs and achieve major success. And I know I’m good at it – everyone who connects with me in my energetic field turns to solid gold. I know this because it’s part of my daily affirmations, and I trust the universe is always designing life in my favor. Therefore, I see this truth EVERYWHERE!

You ready for unlimited abundance and to ACTUALLY make it all happen?

I’d never even considered hiring a business coach for my hobby coaching business that I kinda one day wanted to turn into a full time gig. However, I had seen Viola online and really wanted to connect with her. We met for coffee and instantly I knew that I had to work with her. I told her my dream of working for myself and that I’d love it if I could do it within a year (like omg I’m totally dreaming). Viola said ‘yep, you can TOTALLY do that’. She believed in me WAY more than I believed in myself. ANYWAY I have only been working with Viola for just over 2 months out of our 8 month coaching plan and I have just stepped into FULL TIME entrepreneur. Viola has literally helped me change my mindset of ‘that’ll be nice to have one day’ to teaching me how to step into the reality that I desire. She has provided me with support, guidance and 100% commitment to helping me step into my dream reality! Because of her positivity, optimism and her ability to help me overcome my limiting fears and beliefs, she has literally changed my life. 

I am so incredibly full of gratitude for not just the support and coaching Viola has given me, but her utmost belief in me, her true desire to see me succeed and her continual heart-fuelled energy that she pours into everything she does. I am beyond words for how happy I am I took the leap and trusted my instincts to connect with Viola, and even more so for everything that she has contributed to my business and my life. I cannot speak highly enough of Viola and would recommend ANYONE who is even just thinking of working with her, to do it. She will bring a whole other level to your life that you didn’t even know was possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Viola and I am so incredibly excited to continue working with you xx

- Libby Wallace, NZ, Founder of Soberly

I am creating space to work with YOU. Women who are not only hungry for change and fulfillment, but are ready to do what it takes to succeed.

This is for the woman who wants to manifest it all.

This is YOUR time to set up and scale your soul business, make money online – and start living that life you’ve always dreamt of.

I can’t promise you immediate results – what it takes to get there is on you – but I can promise you my full energetic commitment to you, facilitating your growth, and helping you harness everything you need to make it happen.

Let's set up & scale your soul business so you can start making REAL money doing what you love. And let's have fun doing it.


You have access to up to one 1hour coaching call each week - full of laughs, breakthroughs, and epic connection


+ messaging support, so you feel supported at every stage - as long as you hold your own power!


strategy + mindset + some good spiritual shit = pure growth magic!!

This. Is. Your. Time.

I’m here to give you that loving soul push you know you need. I’m here to be the catalyst to your growth.

I offer my premium coaching packages for 3 or 9 months, (with payment plans available) so that we can FULLY get to know each other and make the most of this experience together.


usd / 3 months



  • 3 or 9 months
  • One on One intuitive & personalised coaching
  • Get your soul business set up, launched, scaled, and make $
  • Pay in full or on a payment plan: weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly
  • 9 month option: exclusive access to some of my signature programs + 3x 2 hour game plan sessions (values at $1491)
  • By application only


usd / 9 months

999 USD/mo


usd / 3 months


usd / 9 months

High vibe 1:1 coaching

  • 3 or 9 months
  • One on One intuitive & personalised coaching
  • Get your soul business set up, launched, scaled, and make $ - mindset, soul strategy, energetic alignment, intuitive guidance
  • Premium includes weekly calls & messaging support
  • VIP Premium includes weekly calls & messaging support + exclusive access to some of my signature programs
  • 9 month option: 3x 2 hour game plan sessions (valued at $1491)
  • Pay in full or on a payment plan: weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly
  • By application only

VIP Premium
1111 USD/mo


usd / 3 months


usd / 9 months

If you'd like to chat first, book a 45 minute consultation coaching call for 97 USD:

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Once you fill out your application, I will personally be in touch to discuss your goals & to see if we are the right fit for each other. I am so excited for you and your goals beautiful!

I’ve worked with Viola since September 2017, where she has mentored me in setting up my own online business, as well as creating vision and personal goals in every day life. Over this time the amount of personal and professional growth I have had under her guidance is beyond what words can explain. V IS PRIMARILY A POSITIVE DRIVING FORCE, BUT WILL EASILY CHALLENGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE FOR THE BETTER – instilling that mindset is the key to vision and growth. I could not recommend V enough as both a mentor and coach more to anyone who is looking to create vision, direction, positivity and change in their lives.

– Sascha van der Plas, NZ

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(Why the above? I look into all of my clients human design + astrology so I can support you best for your unique energetic blueprint)

With love,

V xox

Once you fill out your application, I will personally be in touch to discuss your goals & to see if we are the right fit for each other. I am so excited for you and your goals girl!

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