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Hiii, I'm Viola Hug, but you can call me V

I’m a writer, speaker, and former mentor, as well as a mom of two incredible kids. 

As a neurodivergent 4/6 Splenic Manifestor with the Life’s Work sphere 57 of Intuition, I’m here to bring new perspectives, activate, and bring you into deep connection with success beyond a material and spiritual level (purpose sphere 54 of aspiration). My vision is for you to live with abundance and joy beyond the patriarchal and capitalistic conditioning within our society.

I love working with human design, gene keys, gentle parenting and an array of other perspectives and modalities to dismantle systems disconnecting you both from yourself and community. I also have a passion for parenting, using Gentle Parenting and Human Design as tools for insight into nourishing our children uniqueness.

My work is a special kinda magic.


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