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“I am a…” human design affirmation book series is designed to tune your kids (and your inner child) into their unique magic through simple yet potent affirmations and playful illustrations. Find them on Amazon worldwide.

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Gently nurture your child’s unique magic through understanding their Human Design, from a Gentle Parenting perspective. Gain a deep understanding of the charts of your loved ones, with this must have side-kick that you can come back to as much as you like. Includes comprehensive breakdowns of foundational and extended Human Design aspects, learning pages, as well as space to doodle, chart, & take notes.


A dive into all the ways Viola shifted their money mindset and what truly allowed them to feel abundant. Throughout this interactive book, we explore where you have been held back by your beliefs, ego, conditioning. You’ll be guided with bold, humorous, yet thought-provoking stories and subtle shifts that will finally allow you to fully step into your individual power, truly believe in yourself, and have the courage to create an unapologetically abundant life.

or simply search the title on your preferred Amazon site.

This book was revised in 2022, with updated references and comments based on the evolution of the author at the time. While the originality and integrality of what was originally written in 2019 was preserved, new awareness were important to update. Viola’s vision and the focus of their work has since evolved.