kids Human design affirmation book series

individualized kids affirmation books to nurture the innate magic of each aura type

Each child is so unique and overflowing with beauty. Keep your little one’s magic alive through celebrating their individuality and building their confidence with these human design affirmations.

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The Human Design Kids Affirmation Book series is designed to help children understand and embrace their unique human design. Through colourful illustrations and positive affirmations, kids will learn about their energetic makeup and how to navigate the world in a way that feels authentic and empowering.

Each book in the series is tailored to a specific human design type, so your child can learn about their unique strengths and challenges in a lighthearted way. Whether your child is a Manifesting Generator, Generator, Projector, Manifestor, or Reflector, these books offer practical insights and affirmations to celebrate their individuality and build their confidence.

The Human Design Kids Affirmation Books are perfect for parents who want to help their child develop a strong sense of self and embrace their unique gifts. Whether you’re just starting to explore human design or are a seasoned practitioner, these books offer a fun and engaging way to empower your kids to trust themselves in a way aligned with their unique Human Design.

Each book contains:

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Global affirmations in each book

While each book is uniquely crafted in both visual design and Human Design, one truth we can all lean into is that being okay with being different and fully trusting ourselves is an asset, especially in todays climate. For this reason each book contains the same affirmations on self-trust and uniqueness. 

Unique & Specific Affirmations on aura, strategy, struggles, & more

Insight into what it might feel like when they’re in their alignment versus misalignment theme, and some boundaries to be aware of to support them.

Simplified Human Design terminology

Each carefully crafted affirmation, while seemingly simple, is shared with clear intention and purpose using language to connect with children.

“grown-ups” segment

Whether the grown-ups who get these books for the kids in their life are Human Design experts or newbies, there is a space in the book where more information on each “affirmation segment” can be found, to both explain the meanings and offer tips for supporting their children.

Entertaining and inclusive imagery, with gentle gentle activism subtly scattered throughout

Normalizing diversity and creating a space where many different types of people, expressions, and families feel seen is incredibly important in all of my work.

bonus search and find

Making the book fun allows children to want to come back to it many times, for the affirmations, the images, and all the things they can see and find.

Or simply search the title on your preferred Amazon store.


Or simply search the title on your preferred Amazon store.

Want more?

If parenting with human design is something that interests you, keep an eye out for the Human Design Parenting book coming in 2024.