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Viola Hug (they/she) is known for their work as a thought-provoking writer and speaker. As the author to multiple Amazon-best-selling books, renowned mentor, and former host of two global charted podcasts, and over a decade of self-work and guiding others in various areas of life, they’ve been able to support thousands in their various walks of work. 
Viola has recently pursued passion-project of bring a series of Kids Human Design Affirmation books (2023) as well as the Human Design Parenting book (2024) to the world, offering a fun resource for encouraging Gentle Parenting concepts along with the tool of Human Design to support autonomy and nurture each Child’s uniqueness.
Being a neurodivergent 4/6 Splenic Manifestor (human design), she’s a potent leader with a unique approach, and holds their values and morals at the forefront of all they do.
Viola unconventionally built a half million dollar+ coaching business in just a few years, while travelling the world for 2 years full time with their Kiwi husband, before moving the Canada where they started their family, now having 2 kids. As Viola experienced “societal” successes, they quickly started to notice the ways that the hyper-capitalistic and patriarchal standards influence even well-meaning people, and decided to shift direction. 
While Viola has shifted from their previous coaching / mentoring services, Viola’s past clients most often would remark on a sense of “coming home” when working with her, being liberated to full be who they are, and dismantling the narratives pushed upon us and upheld by society, which is truly the core of how she desires to influence others. 

Viola is fun, unique, and passionate, making them a captivating speaker, and their energy and words are often the catalyst for their audience and readers to experience a sense of fulfilment in a world trying to convince us we aren’t whole.

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