Hello gorgeous woman, I'm V! ♡

Visionary, eternal optimist, world traveller, mama, wife, multi-passionate, tea-obsessed – here to impact 10 million + people.

Intuitive coach + mentor; Abundant Babes podcast host; Author of best selling ‘You are an Abundant Babe” book.

▽ Intuitive Coach for Spiritual Entrepreneur
▽ Over quarter million $ in two years
▽ Alignment + 5D + Human Design + Play

I get the feeling I know you pretty well already. Because like me,

You're the eternal optimist. You're the visionary.

The one who at school didn’t dream of following in the career footsteps of their predecessors, but wanted to be a million, no, billionaire. You’ve always had this inner knowing you’re meant for big things, and you’re not ready to give up that idea, regardless of how many people call you a dreamer (in a condescending way… but your positive personality just takes it on board as a complement, because – it is, duh). You’ve always wanted these things because you knew you were meant for them, and you get so excited and emotional imagining the impact you will make on the world, the people you will help, and how you will spoil your family. You are totally okay with the task of saving the world – in whatever context lights you up most. And you are SO NOT one for excuses, you try to be as self-aware as you can be, and you’re totally okay with someone just saying it like it is to you (if you know it’ll help you grow) – spend enough time with me and I’m sure you’ll run into tough love V.

And right now, you ended up here on my page because, just like me many moons ago, you are ready to step the eff up and finally get to work on creating some real magic in your life.

I totally get you, because your story is like my story.

We totally manifested each other. I remember feeling like I may never fit in. Like maybe I was just being totally unrealistic, and listening to the Secret over and over again, practicing the Law of Attraction in hopes the right opportunity would come along and change my life. And the moment I was truly ready (like you are right now), it hit me.

I went from:

  • Struggling entrepreneur to six-figure business, digital-nomad living badass
  • Six figures in debt to a graphene solid relationship with money (and literally a money magnet)!
  • Mental health struggles (a downward spiral on depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, self harm) to an emotionally intelligent, genuinely joyful human
  • Believing I couldn't manifest, to literally living in the Abundance Vortex and having only good things happen to me (for real - read more about this in my book "You are an Abundant Babe")
  • Being a "nobody" to writing an Amazon Best Selling book and a top-of-the-charts podcast!
  • Not understand how to tap into my intuition to full aligned with my spiritual gifts, clairvoyance, and divine guidance.
  • Socially awkward (although I found myself hilarious #stilldo), complete with crippling fears, to speaking internationally on a gazillion different stages and literally changing lives by sharing what I have learnt.
  • Having little-to-no self love or self worth, literally effing up every relationship I had, to having the most incredible deep and meaningful connections and the most rocking, loving relationship with my husband.
  • Struggling for so long to take my goals and soul business off the ground, to traveling the world while investing in myself more than ever more, and still having money for nice AirBnB's and allll the activities #whatwhattttt
  • Although I was ever optimistic I was starting to get brainwashed by the societal norms of complaining, talking about the “horrible” world events, judging others, gossiping for leisure, feeling educated because I watched the news (gag), and occasionally even stealing someones dream with an eye roll or smart comment (Ugh, I just can’t even at my old self), to being completely aware of every conversation and thought that enters my mind and being the worlds biggest believer in my, and your, goals!

You can sum it up that I went from a bit of a shit-show with a huge desire and many perceived limitations to living every dream I have ever imagined for myself

(with many more amazing things to come - this is only the beginning).

It took belief in myself. It took courage. And it took being willing to change everything in my life.

Which I totally did. I changed it all. And I never looked back.

Now, you ask?

I use my visionary mindset, unshakable belief, and infectious positivity to be that someone, that something, that catalyst,

to change err'thing in the lives of fellow visionaries, just like you.

Just in case you’re all “cool story, but what have you actually got to back yourself up”

Certifications, Degrees + Professional development

If I’m being real, I am so over the idea we need degrees or certificates to prove we are good enough, cause we don’t. I believe in results I’ve had in my own life and the results I have facilitated for my clients. I believe in my gifts to connect people with who they’re capable of stepping into and holding them accountable to a higher standard so they manifest all the desire.

In saying that I do have so many courses, certificates, and degrees under my belt, because I am a forever learner and will always keep up my personal growth for the benefit of myself and the ones I love. If you’re curious about some of the things I have dived into, they include (but are not limited to):

Coaching certification, double major Bachelor of Science, Expert Intuitive Development course, Level II Reiki energy healing, 200+ hour Yoga Teacher Training. Personal development through events and courses and personal coaching such as a self made millionaire as my personal coach, money and wealth, emotional intelligence, relationships, human design, astrology, MBTI, EFT tapping, countless books, podcasts, and more.

Some of the things I am most proud of is my self-made success (multiple six-figure business), my social impact and influence, my Abundant Babes podcast, and my book You are and Abundant Babe.

My goal now is to give back ♡

My favourite achievements of all, are my clients wins. Is seeing them blow their own damn mind, is seeing them have it all, and more. See some of their testimonials here.

The dirty deets (ya really wanna know)

Human design: 4/6 Splenic Manifestor, Sun gate: Intuition

Gene Keys purpose: Expansion & Success, mastering wealth and finding connection through spirituality for myself and others.

Libra ☉ Libra ☽ Cancer ⇧

A glance at my story….

I’ve always known I’m meant for big things.

You know that feeling you have inside, it’s this relentless knowing that you have a jumbo purpose to serve. Like when I was a kid and was so deeply inspired by celebrities (N’Sync, Spice Girls, and Britney Spears were #goals), because I saw them pursuing something fun. Not some boring shit you see all your friends parents complaining about.

And this wild hearted, crazy imaginative, fiercely optimistic, loud and fun, and natural leader of a child, loved life. She played, she danced, she acted, she cast magic spells, made potions out of mud, created dream life barbie play-times, made art, sang her heart out, wrote songs and poems, and felt invincible.

Until the teachers told me not to brag. My parents told me not to lead so much. My classmates told me I dressed weird, talked weird, had weird parents, and in the 13 schools I went to growing up, I never quite fit in. (Because I moved a lot, not because I was just school hopping lol).

I became shy. Embarrassed to be me. Timid. And afraid to speak up. This compounded through the experience of watching my Dad lose his health to cancer from the age of 14 until he passed away shortly before my 17th birthday.

Don’t get me wrong, most people on the outside wouldn’t have guessed the pain I was in.

I had learned to smile rather than talk about my feelings. Make jokes rather than allow myself to feel the pain. And I acted a little wild to make it looked like I had control of my life. It was only my English teachers at school that read my poems about pain, self harm, and grief that truly knew how I felt. It was only my family that had to witness my anger outbursts who knew how much I had lost myself. It was only me, when I was laying in bed alone, that knew the deep hurt I felt.

It was with a mix of self loathing, mental health problems, and being thrown into “adulthood” that really lost myself. I lost belief in myself. And not the kind where I was willing to settle for mediocrity (#blerghhh) but the kind where I thought the things that made me who I was were my downfall.

When I smiled too much or laughed to loud, I’d be quick to find something to complain about to appease my pears. When I said a crazy goal I deeply desired I giggled to prove I thought I was as crazy as they thought I was. I dampened every part of myself in hopes of fitting in, being liked, and hoping that is where I would finally find my happiness. Spoiler alert: I didn’t find it there.

When I look back now, it’s wild how quickly my life turned around, when through a process of divine intervention I met the right people (queue my one-day-to-be husband, and my very first mentor) and was introduced to personal development, the law of attraction, and the world of unseen power.

I suddenly felt this desire, this knowing, I had felt so strongly as a child emerge from my soul. I suddenly had this fire to prove life didn’t have to be a boring shit-show of uni-graduates who can’t get a job in their field (#me, with a bachelor of science I worked in retail), or employees reaching their 50’s and 60’s and wondering wtf happening to their life. No fucking thank you.

I wanted to do what I wanted when I wanted. I desired freedom. Passion. Joy. Money. All the things. And who I was began to emerge, and through this I started to manifest the life I knew of I was capable of.

Now, this is just a snippet into my story, but it makes it obvious why I’m so passionate about my work. Every experience I went through “growing up” (hashtag still not grown up) made me think this feeling I had inside was wrong. When really, once I decided to really own my epicness, I started to see that ALL of my goals were possible, as are yours. The things you desire are meant for you, and they’re really just the beginning of what you’re capable of.

Listen closely fellow visionary.

You WILL create that life you know you’re meant for.

And I have no doubt in soul, you will blow your own damn mind in the process.

*mic drop*

V xox