Viola (they/she) is an author, an artist, thought-provoking writer + speaker, parent, former podcast host of two global charted podcasts, and has created and enjoyed various forms of businesses and success, leading to her bold anti-capitalistic and anti-patriarchal views. 

I have a sneaky suspicion you're here because, like me, the way we’ve shifted our perspective on the world, success, wealth, and happiness can’t be undone.

You’re in reflection, healing, ownership, and deconditioning. You’re starting to understand why even when you’ve experienced markers of success, it’s felt allusive.

I’ve been there. I’ve hosted global charted podcasts, am a multi-published and best-selling author, have mentored people globally, built a half a million dollar+ businesses in a gentle and ‘aligned’ way, was a digital nomad for years, have an great partnership and kids… yet there was still the *pressure* – for more, bigger, better.

Somewhere along the line of searching for freedom, I found myself bound to an insatiable system of not-enoughness.

Where suddenly the playfulness of experiencing abundance and purpose was replaced with societal wounds of our capitalistic and patriarchal society.

Until my disconnection of self – and of community – bubbled through me so intensely, I had no choice but to change everything about the way I viewed and pursued success.

I said no more. I questioned. I explored. I was after more in a way that couldn’t be counted on a screen. 

Here I found peace.

I found individuality.

I found true connection.

That is what I am here to initiate, within you too.

Here we heal, dismantle, challenge, liberate, find, and allow. Here you are safe and seen, exactly as you are.

When you chase more – success, money, power… you only find yourself in a space of lack, even when all the “things” make manifest.

When you experience purpose and abundance from your alignment – connected to your morals, values, and community – more is both irrelevant and inevitable.


I believe in my gifts to hold a safe and inclusive space for people, their desires, and their liberation.

While experience is a powerful credential, I do also have so many courses, certificates, and degrees under my belt, because I am a forever learner. If you’re curious about some of the things I have dived into, they include (but are not limited to):

Coaching certification, double major Bachelor of Science (Human Nutrition + Sports & Exercise Science), Expert Intuitive Development course, Level II Reiki energy healing, 200+ hour Yoga Teacher Training. Personal development through events and courses and personal coaching, in things such as anti-racism, intersectional feminism, neurodivergency, gentle parenting, human design, money and wealth, emotional intelligence, relationships, gene keys, astrology, sexuality, EFT tapping, countless books, podcasts, and more. I have spent 10+ years learning, unlearning, and dismantling.

Some of the things I am most proud of is my various successes – especially those I was able to walk away from when my morals or values felt compromised, – my family, my sense of justice, my impact, service, and influence, and my published books.

My goal is to continue to live in a way that challenges the oppressive systems of our current society, give back and give forward, continue to learn, and contribute to the expanded wholeness of the world ♡

The dirty deets (ya really wanna know)

Human design: 4/6 Splenic Manifestor, Sun gate: 57 – Intuition (human speak: I’m an activator and highly intuitive to the expansion of others).

Gene Keys purpose: 54.6 – Raising the consciousness of our relationship with the material and spiritual experience. To bring hope, radiance, and possibility to those who may feel entrenched or trapped by societies standards. (human speak: revolutionary vibes, fck the patriarchy, there’s hope for a more wholesome experience of life, and I’m here to inspire it).

Libra ☉ Libra ☽ Cancer ⇧

They/She 𓆙 Neurodivergent ♡ Queer

I’ve always known I’m meant for big things.

You know that feeling you have inside, it’s this relentless knowing that you have a jumbo purpose to serve. Like when I was a kid and was so deeply inspired by celebrities (N’Sync, Spice Girls, and Britney Spears were #goals), because I saw them pursuing something fun. Not some boring shit you see all your friends parents complaining about.

And this wild hearted, imaginative, fiercely optimistic, loud and fun, and natural leader of a child, loved life. She played, danced, acted, cast magic spells, made potions out of mud, created dream-life barbie play-times, created art, sang their heart out, wrote songs and poems, and felt invincible.

Until the teachers told me not to brag. My parents told me not to lead so much. My classmates told me I dressed weird, talked weird, had weird parents, and in the 13 schools I went to growing up, I never quite fit in. (Because I moved a lot, not because I was just school hopping lol).

I became shy. Embarrassed to be me. Timid. Suppressed in my power. And afraid to speak up. Not to mention the various undiagnosed neurodivergengies I didn’t know I had. This disassociation with myself compounded through the experience of over 2 years as a young teenager watching my Dad lose his health to cancer until he passed away shortly before my 17th birthday.

Don’t get me wrong, most people on the outside wouldn’t have guessed the pain I was in.

I had learned to mask. To smile rather than talk about my feelings. Make jokes rather than allow myself to feel the pain. And I acted a little wild to make it look like I had control of my life. It was only my English teachers at school that read my poems about pain, self harm, and grief that truly knew how I felt. It was only my family that had to witness my anger outbursts who knew how much I had lost myself. It was only me, when I was laying in bed alone, that knew the deep hurt I felt.

It was with a mix of self loathing, mental health struggles, and being thrown into “adulthood” that I really lost myself. I lost belief in myself. And not the kind where I was willing to settle as a pawn within capitalism (jokes on us, we all are), but the kind where I thought the things that made me who I was were my downfall.

When I smiled too much or laughed to loud, I’d be quick to find something to complain about to appease my peers. When I said a wild goal I deeply desired I giggled to prove I thought I was as wild as they thought I was. I dampened every part of myself in hopes of fitting in, being liked, and hoping that is where I would finally find my happiness. Spoiler alert: I didn’t find it there.

When I look back now, it’s wild how quickly my life turned around, when through a process of divine intervention I met the right people and was introduced to personal development and the world of unseen power. 

I suddenly felt this desire, this knowing, I had felt so strongly as a child emerge from my soul. I suddenly had this fire to prove life didn’t have to be a boring shit-show of uni-graduates who can’t get a job in their field (#me, with a bachelor of science I worked in retail), or employees reaching their older years and wondering wtf happening to their life. No fucking thank you.

I wanted to do what I wanted when I wanted. I desired freedom. Passion. Joy. Money. Family. Pleasure. A life. All the things. Who I truly was began to emerge, and through this I started to shift into a new perspective.

The next five years where purpose filled and expanding, and brought about their own pains. But it was a fight back to myself even further. My “struggling entrepreneur” years taught me I didn’t need the hustle and I DID get to do life my way. It cracked me open and I had a profound awakening/remembrance where I broke through heavy patriarchal conditioning about being raised as a women in society. In 2018 I started my then-coaching business. I grew my business with one wild intuitive decision after another, traveling the world, having a baby, moving countries, and expanding my soul, wealth, and impact along the way.

I grew a multiple six-figure business defying the fucking rules of what it takes to be successful, all to come out on the other side of it with a whole new view on money, success, and the world. Which ultimately led be to happily walk away from it. While it was wonderful for me and the individual people I helped, I noticed how it was still perpetuating patriarchal and hyper-capitalistic standards, rather than dismantling them. I knew I could do better.

I am here to change the fucking world. To do my part to dismantle the capitalistic, patriarchal, colonial, oppressive, fucked up rules that so few truly thrive within, and advocate for a world grounded in community, abundance for all, respect, and love.

V xox