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Here for those who also spend their days dreaming about life without capitalism & the patriarchy.

✨ The Human Design Parenting Book ✨

Viola Hug (they/them/she) is thought-provoking writer & speaker, and renowned mentor on abundance, leadership, human design, parenting, kids, and finding true joy, peace, worth and beyond patriarchal capitalistic conditioning 𓆃 

Your individuality is magic 𓇚

Viola is a writer, speaker, mentor, podcaster, partner, parent, neurodivergent enby femme 💋🧬🌹🌈

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"Working with Viola and being in her presence is pure magic. She feels safe, yet doesn't coddle you as she holds you to a higher standard. She's able to give you insight all while leaving any b.s. to the side, she comes direct + honest but all with love +a lightness to it. She somehow knows exactly what you need to hear, so you can receive it and integrate it. Viola validated so much for me, I was able to open up more, love myself more, and find more courage to own my gifts in my business." - Fallon, USA


I’m Viola, a psychic coach, best-selling author, and podcaster, who activates women to expand their soul, wealth, and impact, with psychic guidance, human design + energetic alignment, pleasure embodiment, and without the box society has created for them.

I’m a fiery crystal-loving, tea-drinking, cat-obsessed, sensual goddess, high-vibe-psychic, intuitive, ambitious, and spiritual entrepreneur.

I blend 5D soul consciousness with the beauty of our humanness to elevate magical souls like you to create the most expansive Earthly experience, be unapologetically wealthy AF, tap into next level pleasure, and feel fulfilled to the core, in a fun & joyful way so we can truly live epic as fuck lives and have it all.

Since launching my coaching business in December 2017, when I was over six figures in debt, I have scaled my business to over a quarter of a million dollars, I am the host of the global charted Spirit Sex MONEY podcast, and am a published best-selling author to my book “You are an Abundant Babe.”

I am known for my humorous and real attitude, loving-truth-bomb dropping style, feminine spiritual vibe, and my life changing work. I am literally energetically designed to be a catalyst in your life, to challenge your beliefs so you can grow beyond where you are now, and to lovingly support you along the way.

I can’t wait to get to know you better, I love you already!

V xx

Online bestie; Writer + Speaker; Insufferable feminist; Hopeful visionary; Liberator; Married to my best friend; Mama to the cutest babes; Bread hoe; Cat lover.

Human design: 4/6 Splenic Manifestor, Sun gate: 57 – Intuition

Gene Keys purpose: 54.6 – Raising the consciousness of our relationship with the material and spiritual experience. To bring hope, radiance, and possibility to those who may feel entrenched or trapped by societies standards. (a.k.a. fck the patriarchy)!!

Libra ☉ Libra ☽ Cancer ⇧

They/She 𓆙 Neurodivergent ♡ Queer

“This woman EMBODIES what it means to be a successful spiritual entrepreneur.”

“Her mere presence and energy alone WILL change your life.”

“She keeps me grounded when life is at times swirling around me.”

“She will bring a whole other level to your life that you didn’t even know was possible.”

Writer + speaker + activist + partner + parent 💋🧬🌹🌈