You are an Abundant Babe

Sky rocket your self belief, learn the secrets to success, and tap into the abundance that is meant for you.


You totally manifested this book.

It is no coincidence you find yourself here reading this book description #synchronicity. You are being called to a higher purpose. You are being pulled towards creating that life you know deep down you are truly capable of.

But, how do you overcome the self-doubt? How do you create “ease” (and wtf even is that anyway)?! How do you unlock what you know deep down is possible for yourself?

I totally get it. Like me, you’re also a super ambitious babe with a desire to achieve big things and make a massive impact on the world. You’re soulful, kind, caring, and have that little voice inside of you reminding you of all the epicness you are capable of.

You desire growth and success, and you’re trying to figure out how to make it all happen.

How do I know? Because I was just like you! In a short handful of years I went from being overwhelmed, full of fear, and not really sure how to navigate through life and entrepreneurship, to launching and building an ever-growing coaching business, traveling the world with my husband full-time as a digital nomad, and having a successful podcast.

I have been through the grief of losing a parent, suffering from victimhood and a host of mental health issues, over six-figures in debt, and so much heartache. These days I live with more joy than I ever thought possible, I am successful as a woman entrepreneur, I inspire oodles of people, having the most loving and amazing relationship, and most powerfully, I change and transform peoples lives.

I reflected on my journey and what it took to get from my personal lows to the life I live now, and I identified 8 key components to upping my self-belief, really integrating and applying my “secrets to success”, and tapping into the abundance that I am designed for.

In this book we dive into:

▸ Shifting your perspective to get your A into G

▸ How the comfort zone really works

▸ Navigating through fear and self-doubt

▸ Distinguish between your ego and your intuition

▸ Moving past your own limiting beliefs and overcoming self-sabotage

▸ Taping back into your innate abundance

▸ Manifesting tips and how to manifest your desires

▸ Coming back to your true, authentic self

▸ Realizing your power, awesomeness, & uniqueness 

▸ Feeling gratitude and happiness where you are now

▸ Why soul-entrepreneurs see the most success in 2019 and beyond

▸ Money mindset and your relationship with money and wealth

▸ So many REAL stories, examples, and analogies 

▴ All wrapped up in a ton of fun conversation, the “real me” voice (#sorrynotsorry for the swearing and use of ironic hashtags throughout the book), and lots of humor – if you get my style!

▴ The KEY to this book is integration – I don’t want you to just read it and get inspired (although you will), I want you to apply what you learn, and see the success you desire. For this reason, every chapter has “soul work,” which is something you can apply from the chapter. There are also journaling pages included for you to note down your biggest take-aways. I’ve created some resources to help with the integration of the book as well, which can be found at under the book tab.

All in all, YOU ARE AN ABUNDANT BABE is a deep dive into all you need to know to move past your own BS and start living the truly abundant life you are meant for. Throughout this interactive book, I, Viola Hug, Intuitive Coach & Mentor, will help you understand where you have been held back by your beliefs, ego, and conditioning, and guide you with stories and subtle shifts that will finally allow you to fully step into your power, truly believe in yourself, and have the courage to create an unapologetically abundant life.

As one client so beautifully & simply said: “Viola will bring a whole other level to your life that you didn’t even know was possible.

I wholeheartedly believe in you. See you on the inside, V xx
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>>> written in 2019 <<<

Content Warnings: please be aware this book talks about mental health struggles, suicidal thoughts, miscarriage, and addiction.

This book was revised in 2022, with updated references and comments based on the evolution of my understanding between when I wrote the book and its revision date. While I still kept the originality and integrality of what was originally written in 2019, new awareness I gained made it feel important to update. My vision and the focus of my work has since evolved.

Hey soul sister, I am Viola Hug. 

Sharing this makes me feel such immense gratitude and awe for what is possible, and over everything is a sign that you can too have everything you desire.

TEN YEARS AGO I was finally healing my depression and mental health challenges that I had struggled with as a result of losing my Dad to cancer at sixteen years old.

NINE YEARS AGO was the first time I truly believed in and applied the Law of Attraction.

SEVEN YEARS AGO I just finished a Bachelor in Science I would never professionally use.

FOUR YEARS AGO my finances went in a downward spiral and it seemed no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t achieve my goals.

ONE YEAR AGO I was filled with hope and possibility as everything I had learnt in my lifetime finally started to make sense.

TODAY my life is what I used to DREAM of. It’s magic. It’s Abundance.

The result of this shift was so much simpler than I even care to admit, and it started with recognising that all the abundance and joy would never be something I acquire. It would come through realising I am already abundant at my core, and getting out of my own way.

You are an Abundant Babe is a deep dive into the shifts that took me from desiring it all, to actually living it. It is centred around skyrocketing your own self belief, learning these secrets to success, and tapping into the abundance that is meant for you.

Peak into the book...

When I was just a child I already knew I was going to do fantastic fucking things with my life. I knew it in my soul, I just didn’t know what it would look like. But I felt this inner energy, this calling, that reassured me I would have my cake and be able to eat it too. With second servings. 

Now, just like anyone else, I was raised by people in a society that is designed to shoot down your desires, create false idealizations of what “success” looks like, and have limiting beliefs pressed upon you since before you could even speak — about yourself, your power, money, relationships, sex, health, and worthiness. So, for the most part, this encouraging voice inside of me stayed small.

She came out to play when I was being artistic, whether it was writing books, stories, poems, or songs, painting, or playing. She whispered in my ear when I was doubting myself, she had witty comebacks (only in my mind) when people smirked at my goals or wild perceptions of life.

Now, as much as I was born to be someone, life knew part of my purpose was to help others believe in themselves too, so it served me up a shit-show and a million reasons to doubt myself along my path. Don’t get me wrong, I am hashtag grateful AF for my life, and all I have been through, and the eternal optimist in me often didn’t even let me experience my own pain in its entirety (which is something I grew to understand was not to my own benefit – our pain is part of our humanness and holds potent messages for us). 

I remember the first time I really doubted myself. I was 11 years old and life was fucking fantastic. I was part of my school’s ‘Spice Girls’ band (I was Posh Spice, until Ginger Spice left and I got demoted to Sporty Spice). Even when I moved schools, no bother, I just started my own band with my new bestie (The Sweet Strawberries). I was in ballet AND karate, I was in the school choir AND was making plans to perform our bands original (complete with killer choreography) in front of the whole school. I got cast as lead in our community play, and met the coolest girl ever who became my BFFE (the E stands for “ever”, we thought forever was 2 words…) – I was HIGH on life, I wanted it all, and it was mine for the taking. 

You’re probably thinking right now, “oh em gee you were so cool, how did you doubt yourself?” In sequence, here is what happened. At our school’s choir performance, performing Celine Dion’s “My heart will go on,” parents made comments about how easy it was to spot me because I always overemphasized my mouth movements as I sang. Next, in our kitchen, my friend and I were performing our song and dance moves in preparation for our live performance, in front of my parents and a family friend, when the family friend broke out into laughter saying how cute it was that I did all of my dance moves way bigger than the others. When my friends came over to play, I was told not to take charge so much, as it would make me look bossy.

Here’s the thing. I have always been over the top. I have always been a leader. I have always been a little quirky. And I have always had big ass ambitions. I LOVE that about me (now…) I love that who I am is so big and bright that it inspires some to keep going, and it activates others to explore themselves more. Either way, it’s helping people step closer into who they’re meant to be. I don’t have to be anyone I’m not to make that happen, I just have to be 100% who I am meant to be. I know this both intuitively and because it’s written in my astrology and human design charts #bornthisway.

As an 11 year old, I felt amazing about being me, and it’s honestly the last time I remember feeling that way for at least another 14 years. Because those comments, although meant innocently, made me doubt myself. They made me question my brightness. They made me, for the first time, consciously dim my light. And it didn’t turn back on for wayyyy too long.

At this moment in time, something massive happened. I went from having a deep knowing about my inner epicness, to feeling like I needed someone out in the world to validate it for me. Maybe I wasn’t so shit-hot? Maybe I’m not meant to be a movie star, a singer/songwriter, an inventor, and philanthropist (I’m kidding myself if I think I knew what that word meant back then, I even had to google it just now to make sure it’s what I meant… Yes, even someone who stutters when pronouncing big words can write a book, you’re welcome). So I looked outside of myself for proof of how awesome I am, I looked for validation, and I tried to achieve things that would prove my worth. This was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made, yet something I heartbreakingly see far too often in my friends, family, and clients.