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Viola Hug has been featured on a variety of videos, podcasts, and blogs, a few of which you can see below.

If you’d like to book Viola for an appearance, get in contact via hello@violahug.com

Spirit Girls podcast

EP28 // Clarify and Manifest your Vision "Do you consider yourself a visionary? 👁️ Do you feel there's a 'bigger' life waiting for you? 🌟 But you're just not quite clear on it... 💨 Or you know that you need to get into alignment with it in order for it to manifest..? 🙏✨ In this episode Viola and I share the 4 top ways that we clarify and manifest our visions. Viola is a Alignment Coach for Visionaries & Holistic Nutritionist who shares her expertise with us on how to align our current lives with our vision AND especially how we can increase our energy in order to create everything we desire (This is specifically helpful for busy entrepreneurs who often feel tired and lacking energy to fulfil all tasks).

Sober Boss Babe Blog

"Our Sober Boss Babe this month is Viola Hug. Viola really stood out to me, and it’s not just because she’s a fellow Canadian! She is a traveling nomad or as she says “I am a location independent entrepreneur, meaning my husband and I travel around, and are not based anywhere in particular.” [Read more]..."

Limitness Now podcast

.05 // Astro Chat with Viola Hug, Abundant Babe + Visionary. "Viola Hug is the host of the Abundant Babes Podcast and is a total visionary. I love her to pieces + am so excited to have her on the show! This casual chat gives you some real world context to all of the Human Design speak you've been hearing thrown around these days. Viola is a 4/6 Manifestor [Read more]..."

Spirit Girls Facebook live

'Aligning with every dimension of your Soul Vision' 🙌 "Facebook live interview and conversation, hosted my Global Clairvoyant, Channel, and Purpose Fulfilment Coach, Jessica Reid." Join the Spirit Girls Facebook group and watch now.

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I’m a visionary on a mission to remind you those dreams and desires you have are no coincidence. You were never meant for the 9-to-5. You are meant for BIG EFFING THINGS in this world.

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