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Viola Hug has been featured on a variety of videos, podcasts, magazines, books, and blogs, a few of which you can see below.

If you’d like to book Viola for an appearance, get in contact via hello@violahug.com

Listen to podcasts featuring Viola Hug on Spotify:

Spirited Leaders Magazine

Front cover feature "For our New Year issue, we explore the themes of Rebirth, Vision, Desire and Goals. Through written articles (audio option included), guest interviews (with video), downloadable worksheets, guided meditations, activity section and more! This magazine is packed with so much value for you to to feel activated and inspired in your leadership, deepen your sense of spirituality, upgrade your mindset and expand your business." Jan 2021

The Manifestation Corner

Next Level Abundance, with Viola Hug "In this episode we talk about next level abundance and how to embody the feeling and the energy of your higher self while respecting your current situation. Abundance is not just about money, and a specific amount of money itself is not a frequency, it's about the energy around it. It's about how you feel about abundance, and how you treat the abundance you already have! Spending your energy on the things that feel right will help you grow and ascend, so I hope you learn a lot!" August 2021

Awaken ~ Spiritually Aligned Wealth & Impact with Victoria Bond

EP53: Duality, The Human Body, & Soul Connection with Viola Hug "In today's episode of Release Your Blocks with Victoria Bond, I interview psychic expansion coach, Viola Hug! Viola is the creator of the 'spirit, sex, money podcast'. She is a manifestor in HD, is a Mumma to a beautiful baby boy, and is what I would describe as a spiritual entrepreneur. We talked about duality, the human body & soul connection. Being an energetic match for what you are choosing. And SOOO much more! It is juicy, it is real and it is definitely worth a listen" July 2021

Mother praxis

CDL52: DISCOVERING & MASTERING YOU WITH VIOLA HUG "In this episode, we have Viola Hug, a Channel and Psychic Expansion Coach, Best-Selling Author, and Podcast Host from Canada. Viola has always been visionary and an entrepreneur with a longing to do something that would feel very purposeful and fulfilling. At the age of 16, lost her dad to cancer. This contributed to her mental health struggle during her teenage years but has also helped her learn how to slow down and start to learn the power of validating herself versus seeking external validation. She was introduced to surface-level spirituality and then decided to step into the world of entrepreneurship, seeking things that would make her feel successful. She went through 5 years struggling with her entrepreneurship, going completely against her manifestor design - hustling harder than anybody only to end up in over 6 figures of debt. This forced her to take a deeper look and then realized that to feel abundant, successful, worthy, and loved is all an internal game. Her next spiritual awakening was when she found out about Human Design and suddenly she went from being always looking for the answers outside to being so in tune with herself. In 2018, she and her husband decided to sell all their belongings and travel the world. She followed her intuition while working and building her business to multiple six figures by being a Psychic Coach and a channel for six-figure entrepreneurs who are wanting to create more expansion and wealth and impact in their lives." July 2021

Discover 'The One' Within

Episode #6 - Husband manifestation + Evolving together as a couple with Viola Hug "In today's episode I'm bringing my friend Viola to chat about how she manifested her husband 11 years ago and how they've grown together on so many levels throughout the years. If you desire some tips on how to manifest your ideal partner and/or build a conscious relationship and stay close together as you grow, this episode is for you! " December 20201

Mother praxis

Reclaiming Sexuality as Creative Expression with Viola Hug "Viola Hug, channel and psychic expansion coach, talks about how the transition into motherhood (matrescence) helped her reclaim her sexuality as a source of her creative expression. We talk about pleasure, authenticity, and belonging and how the good mother mythology holds us back from all of these important aspects of creative connection to self and others." October 2021

Spirited Leaders The Podcast

79. Quantum Business Strategy And Owning Your Spiritual Gifts With Viola Hug "In this episode, I chat with returned guest Viola Hug about so many juicy topics. We dived into reclaiming your spiritual gifts while also honouring your human-ness. Evolving your business through quantum business strategy and recoding your DNA." October 2020

Mind Muscle Enlightenment

95. Manifesting Abundance & Success with Viola Hug "Viola shares her journey of manifesting her way out of debt, by creating energetic alignment in her life and business. She talks about how the law of attraction and our intuitions affect manifestation. " January 2021

Living Intuitively With Vanessa Joanne

17. Building A Successful High-Vibe Soul Led Online Business with Viola "In this episode you will hear about Viola's expertise on building a successful high-vibe soul led online business." September 2020​

Table for 9 podcast

42. All Things INTUITION with Viola Hug "This week's episode did NOT disappoint. I got to chat with Viola Hug about all things intuition -- Do we all have it? Is it a gift? What is the difference between intuition and fear? We even go into parallel realities... get ready to get your MIND BLOWN!." December 2020

Wild Within Podcast​

72. TAPPING INTO EXPANSIVE WEALTH AND ABUNDANCE BY USING INTUITION TO REACH YOUR NEXT LEVEL WITH VIOLA HUG "(4:50) Handling emotions and desires (8:02) Trusting my intuition (10:55) Going all-in on the little things (17:17) What do I truly want? (23:22) Being aware of what you feel (27:10) What can I learn and shift? (28:45) Creation comes, from the balance of two (37:05) Focusing on what we want to receive (38:27) Soul energy doesn't have the limitations that we have (49:53) Give yourself the space to believe things are possible "Strategy doesn´t matter unless it´s in alignment on who you are as a soul and who you want to be" "Abundance is anywhere we feel that we are truly supported and plenty" "How can I experience abundance right now and change my mindset to be positive?" August 2020​

Third Eye Awakening

Season 2 Episode 28: Claircognizance, Psychic Coaching & Third Eye Activations: Viola’s Spiritual & Psychic Awakening story. " This is a juicy interview with the beautiful & Magical Viola Hug… AND a juicy riff on opening and activating Your Own Third Eye AND AND AND this episode comes with a free gift!" September 2020

Truth & Transformation

#12 TRANSMUTING PAIN, INTUITION & PAST LIVES WITH VIOLA HUG "Hey lovelies, on this episode we have Viola hug for #SelfLoveTember & we talk about transmuting pain, your soul nudging you, intuition, healing past lives, throat chakra healing, polarities, and so many more juicy things. It's a really spiritual, all the woo episode." September 2020​

You, Uplifted!

Of Ownership and Fluid Grace "In this episode, Sapha and her guest, Viola Hug talk about what taking ownership and allowing for graceful fluidity in our lives can do for our relationships, businesses and lives." September 2020

Align by Design podcast

50. Life as a Manifestor feat. Viola Hug "I am SO excited to introduce Viola Hug - an intuitive business coach, author and podcaster. She is a powerful Manifestor who sat down with me to share how she’s integrated Human Design into her life and business, and the substantial impact it’s made." March 2020

Walnut Wednesday podcast

#24 Boss Up & Have Courage with Viola Hug "With special guest Viola Hug, we chat about all things growth and comparison." April 2020


71: GETTING INTO THE ABUNDANCE VORTEX, FLIPPING YOUR MONEY MINDSET TO BECOME AN ABUNDANT BABE, RAISE YOUR ENERGETIC MINIMUMS, RITUALS FOR SPEEDING UP THE VORTEX AND MONEY PATTERNS WITH VIOLA HUG "In episode 71, we have special guest Viola Hug! Mikayla interviews Viola all about abundance, the vortex and how we can stay in it. The vortex is a concept for speedy manifestation and for money specifically. Viola shares what rituals we can include, easy practices on the daily and the mindset for zipping our way up to instant manifestation. You're going to love this one!" October 2019

360 Health Biz Podcast

65: How Abundance Mindset Can Save Your Business with Viola Hug "With many new business owners, we look to external validation to determine our success. Did we make money? How many likes on the ‘gram did we get? So if we aren’t getting those things, how can one be have an abundance mindset without having an abundant amount of stuff (and money)? In today’s episode of the 360 Health Biz Podcast, Viola Hug joins us to discuss the requirement of an abundance mindset in order to be successful in your business. She is a “started from the bottom now I’m here” type of story where she and her husband had nothing, but after adopting an abundance mindset and being grateful for the things they had, they flourished in their business. [read more]" March 2020

Elevate your Life and Soul

Episode 31 Being Intuitively Led to Abundance ""Abundance is also not something that comes and then we feel abundant like money isn't something that comes into our life, and then we feel abundant and taken care of and safe. There are people with money in the bank who feel broke, you know what I mean? Who feels scared of losing it all the time. abundance is a feeling that we first tap into, no matter what the external circumstances." Abundance is our birthright, and everyone is worthy of having it. We also can all create it, and in this episode I explore this with Viola Hug." July 2020

We are Wildfire

EPISODE 11 | Viola Hug - Intuition, Abundance & Fears "Our Next guest is a Beautiful Human, who is just an embodiment of peace and joy, She stands so fully in her authentic power that you just can help but be in awe, and start to question how she does it with such ease. . She Is a great expander of vision, a catalyst for growth and calibrator for success. . But even more than that she empowers you to connect deeper with yourself, meets you at your highest potential rather than your current view of yourself and then brilliantly reflects all your magic back at you so that you can set a new standard of life for yourself, and then rise to that next level. . Like me she is an eternal optimist and avocado extreemist. . She is passionate about following that inner knowing we all share that - we are hear from soemthing much greater than we could ever imagine. . To sum it up this lady went from a bit of a mess with a huge desire and many perceived limitations to living every dream she could have ever imagined for herself, . And she is here today to spill the beans and guide us through this journey… please help me welcome this epic visionary" July 2020

Elevate your Life and Soul

055 Creating Abundance Spiritually with Viola Hug "Viola Hug is an intuitive coach, mentor, author, podcaster, and the creator of the Abundant Babes brand. She works with entrepreneurial woman who desire it all in life by helping them tap into their soul consciousness and align with their unique success blueprint. In This Episode: Viola opens up about the mental and emotional shifts she made to manifest a life she loves She explains the depth of our intuitiveness and the 5th dimension Shares about her new program for spiritual entrepreneurs who desire a quantum leap in their personal and business growth by tapping into their guides and past lives." August 2020

The Soulful Selling Podcast

Ep. 22 Tap Into Your Soul's Consciousness and Align with Viola Hug "This episode was pure magic!! I’m so happy the universe brought us together for this conversation!! I am currently in a huge spiritual awakening and I feel all over the place! But Viola reminded me that we need to tune in & trust!" July 2020

High Vibe Babe

88// Your Desires Are Yours For The Taking -Interview with Viola Hug "Viola was my first 1:1 coach and she is an absolute powerhouse! We talk about desires, masculine and feminine energy and of course, human design!" June 2020

Small Tweaks Quick Wins

What exactly is a business coach and what what can they do for your business. "We talked all about what is a business coach and what can they do for your business, how a business coach can help you aligned your life and business to move forward. The different types of business coaches. We also talked about how to stay in tune with your offer and how a coach can help you get there, when is the right time to start working with a business coach and how hiring a coach at the early stage in business is a great idea. And if you are looking to hire a coach, then this one is special for you, because we talked about how to decide who to work with and the top 3 tips you need to look after when hiring the right coach for you and your business as well as the red flags that you should be paying attention to when hiring a coach." June 2020

Goddess Talk Podcast

Ep. 23 Viola Hug, Feeling abundant when you're broke, 5D, + why quantum leaping is simpler than you think "In today’s episode, I interviewed intuitive coach, Viola Hug. Here's what we cover: + How to feel abundant when you're actually broke + Why releasing resistance & embracing where you are now are your tickets to reaching the level you desire to be at + Why quantum leaping is simpler than you think + Using 5D to shift energetic patterns & limiting thoughts + Integrating soul consciousness into the human experience" June 2020

Spirit Girls The Podcast

EP 112: ‘5D Abundance’ with Viola Hug "We’ve got The Abundant Babe Viola back on the podcast for a new episode! In this episode, Viola gives us an update on her journey with embodying 5D Abundance - Which means taking quantum leaps with investing!" July 2020

Happiness Happens

073: Abundance, Spirituality and 5D Consciousness with Viola Hug "n this episode, we chatted about spirituality, creating abundance and 5D consciousness, among so many other things! Viola's journey and shift from living a life of 'shoulds' to a life of action and abundance How to tap into your intuition Tips for manifesting all of your desires Embodying 5D consciousness in your life How to live in true alignment every day The importance of celebrating every moment How she created her book and what it's about" June 2020

Leadership Tidbits With Coach Tee Wilson

Episode 35: "I Am An Abundant Babe Living an Abundant Life"- Viola Hug "Viola Hug shares with the listeners how to have an abundant mindset to live a more fulfilled life by tapping into the power within." May 2020

#shescrushinit! Inspiring Women in Business

Yes You Are An Abundant Babe with Viola Hug Spiritual Business Coach "What is the abundance vortex? How can you create an abundant life even when you are at your lowest point? In this podcast you will learn from Intuitive Spiritual Business Coach and author of the incredible book "You Are An Abundant Babe" Viola Hug that is abundance is always there and that you have access to the vortex at any moment you choose! You will leave this episode feeling inspired and motivated knowing without a doubt that you are an infinite being with unlimited possibilities! This interview with the Goddess Viola Hug is true magic!" April 2020

20 Till Takeoff

003: How Travel Can Help You Be More Intentional and Intuitive In Your Life | Ft. Viola Hug "In episode 003 featuring Viola Hug, we discuss how traveling has completely changed the way she does business. After years of being in debt, she looked to travel to help her become more intentional and intuitive in her everyday life. Now, Viola has a successful and thriving business and is more in tune with herself than ever before. 🔥 Hot Topics Mentioned in This Episode 🔥 Viola's big fear of starting a new life/ business (5:40) Our relationship with fear (9:15) Setting intentions with travel that translated into business (11:00) What is Intuition? (21:35) Quotes from Viola ✨ " Things we've gone through in the past, we've now learned from so we're a different version of ourselves. " " Get comfortable with doing the uncomfortable"" May 2020

The Goal Getter Podcast

Episode 3 - Supercharge Your Manifesting Skills "Welcome to Episode 3 beauties, we have an incredible interview with Viola Hug. Viola Hug is an intuitive coach, mentor, author, podcaster, and the creator of the Abundant Babes brand.In the episode we dive into - What manifestation means and how you can explore it (even as a newbie); How to get clarity on what you desire ; Tips for supercharging your manifestation skills; Plus so much more..." April 2020

The Next Level Woman Podcast

07. Recognizing Your Abundance with Viola Hug "In this episode, best-selling author and coach for spiritual entrepreneurs, Viola Hug, shares how she overcame the challenges of being a digital nomad to publish her first book and develop her successful brand, Abundant Babes. Viola Hug shares her journey to listening to and trusting her intuition, embracing her feminine side, and building a successful and fulfilling business on her own terms. Viola is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration, and you will leave this episode ready to move through limiting beliefs and get to your next level." April 2020

Simplified Success The Podcast

Episode 8: Simplifying Writing a Book & Doing Big Things with Viola Hug "Viola Hug" April 2020

Maiden Speech podcast

Maiden Speech: The Limit Does Not Exist with Viola Hug "This conversation with Viola was Next Level! Viola Hug is an intuitive coach, mentor, author, podcaster, and the creator of the Abundant Babes brand. She coaches women on business, wealth, spirituality, and mindset, and how those things utilised..." March 2020

Sparkle Summit + Sparkle Bomb Coach Podcast

#5 Sparkle Summit 5 - BE AN ABUNDANT BABE with Viola Hug "This episode is a replay of the Sparkle Summit Day 5. I interview Viola Hug and we discuss what it means to be an abundant babe, what does that look like and how she went from almost bankrupt to successful business owner, author and podcaster. Let's dive in!" Jan 2020

The Gentle podcast

Episode #31 - Abundance, Money And Creating A Soulful Business With Viola Hug "This week's episode come with brand new vibes, intro and one of my favourite people as the guest. Viola Hug is an intuitive coach, mentor, author, podcaster, and the creator of the Abundant Babes brand. She coaches women on business, wealth, spirituality, and mindset, and how those things utilised together allow you to have it all in life. She is also my amazing coach 🌟🌟🌟 we chat about abundance, money, business and more. We would love to hear your insights, you can listen on iTunes, Spotify or any other podcasting app 🌸" March 2020

Simply Sensational podcast

EP 10 The Abundance Mindset and The Importance of Fear with Viola Hug "This conversation with Viola was Next Level! Viola Hug is an intuitive coach, mentor, author, podcaster, and the creator of the Abundant Babes brand. She coaches women on business, wealth, spirituality, and mindset, and how those things utilised..." March 2020

The Manifestation Queen podcast

Creating a Biz with ease + Flow featuring Viola Hug "This episode was featured in the Business Manifestival - my online summit about manifestation in your business and life! Viola Hug is an intuitive coach, mentor, author, podcaster, and the creator of the Abundant Babes brand. She coaches women on business, wealth, spirituality, and mindset, and how those things utilised together allow you to have it all in life." March 2020

Courageously Confident podcast

Money Conversations with Viola Hug "money money money" Feb 2020

The Wealthy Babe podcast

30: VIOLA HUG - TRAVELLING THE WORLD WHILE RUNNING A BUSINESS, WRITING BOOKS AND BEING AN ABUNDANT BABE "The Wealthy Babe Podcast is for the online entrepreneur craving a business, bank account + life without limits. Tune into unfiltered conversations weekly to become an excellent receiver of money, success and pleasure. * To Connect with Viola: https://violahug.com IG: @violahug FB group: Abundant Babes - a home for the visionary" March 2019


030: What It Means to Be Abundant with Viola Hug "Viola Hug (IG: @violahug) is an intuitive coach, mentor, author, podcaster, and the creator of the Abundant Babes brand. She coaches women on business, wealth, spirituality, and mindset, and how those things utilized together allow you to have it all in life." Nov 2019

Spirit Girls podcast

EP28 // Clarify and Manifest your Vision "Do you consider yourself a visionary? 👁️ Do you feel there's a 'bigger' life waiting for you? 🌟 But you're just not quite clear on it... 💨 Or you know that you need to get into alignment with it in order for it to manifest..? 🙏✨ In this episode Viola and I share the 4 top ways that we clarify and manifest our visions. Viola is a Alignment Coach for Visionaries & Holistic Nutritionist who shares her expertise with us on how to align our current lives with our vision AND especially how we can increase our energy in order to create everything we desire (This is specifically helpful for busy entrepreneurs who often feel tired and lacking energy to fulfil all tasks)." May 2018

VIBES: The Podcast

#017 Breaking Free from Struggle + Creating Success on Your Terms with Viola Hug "In this episode, I chat with visionary Viola Hug about how she broke free from her struggles to create success on her own terms and how you can too! " July 2019

The Wander Wealthy Podcast | Finance and Mindset for Online Coaches

WW 120: Viola Hug on Embodying What You Teach to Scale Your Business "Ready to bust away from imposter syndrome and build a business that feels fully aligned and authentic to you? Viola Hug, intuitive business coach and mentor for visionaries, is sharing the three stages to full educational and practice embodiment. Meaning, she believes that there is a difference between knowing and truly being, and this transition will help you build and scale your coaching business." Aug 2019

Luscious Hustle podcast

98. Human Design - How To Embrace Your Own Energy Type To Live and Work Better with Viola Hug "Viola is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, intuitive business coach and mentor, as well as host of the Abundant Babes podcast. Her mission is to help women step into the highest versions of themselves. She and her husband Nick live a location-independent lifestyle, traveling the world, all while working online. Today she is here giving us insights into what it really means to live a laptop lifestyle, the abundance shifts she needed to make in order to embrace true success, and she gives us a mini masterclass in human design..." [Read more] Nov 2018

The Confident Business Babe Podcast

75: Emotional Resiliency & Intelligence, The Power Of Choice & How To Unlock Everything You Desire In Your Life & Business with Viola Hug. "Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast & leave a review if you LOVE it! And take a screenshot & tag me and Viola on your IG stories so we can LOVE ON YOU! xoxo Kate Connect with Viola HERE: Follow her on Instagram: www.instagram.com/violahug Learn More About her & Working With Her HERE: www.violahug.com" Feb 2020

Soul in the Raw podcast

124 - Having It All When You're Trying To Trick Yourself Into Being Exciting, & How To Start A Podcast; featuring Viola Hug "We can’t wait to hear your takeaways, so don’t forget to leave us a review! Until then, sit back, relax, & we’ll see you on the inside! To connect further with Viola, visit her Website and connect with her on Instagram @violahug!" Dec 2018

Sacred Emergence Podcast with Michelle Wong

SE#6: The Abundant Babe - How to Align + Thrive in Your Business and Life w/ Viola Hug "Viola Hug shares her journey of how she went from being stuck in her business to truly thriving, and being in alignment with her purpose and passion." July 2019

Courageously Confident podcast

EP 17 How To Embody Abundance | Everything Is Working FOR YOU | A Digital Nomad Lifestyle with Viola Hug "Vioa shares her childhood story leading up to her lifestyle as a successful digital nomad, coaching + inspiring women to live the life of their dreams. We chat everything from abundance, to loosing a father with cancer, to a coaching lifestyle." Jan 2019

The Powerful and Uncensored Mompreneur Podcast By Cara Wray

Episode 14: How intuition, manifestation and taking intentional action are sacred tools to creating the life you LOVE. "During this episode, Viola and I truly dive deep into intuition, universal laws, manifestation and taking intentional action. We discuss that our desires are meant for us. The universe is on your side. We become vulnerable during this episode about our beliefs, our personal life experiences and a higher power." Jan 2019

The Aligned Pretzel Show

Ep. 19: Live an Epic AF Life with Viola Hug "Viola and I jam on all things abundant babe, living an epic AF life, turning her biz around when she was swarming in debt and basically - being happy! Viola is author of Abundant Babe, Podcast Host, Intuitive Business Coach and Digital Nomad."

The Self Wealth Project podcast

Creating your dream life with rock solid self belief "In this conversation with Eternal Optimist, Entrepreneur, Intuitive Business Coach and Holistic Nutritionist, Viola Hug shares how she is now living the life she dreamed of as a young girl, and how it’s possible for anyone to do the same. Viola’s expertise in mindset, self belief and drive are a true inspiration and example of how anyone can overcome life’s obstacles through their mindset and sheer determination. Viola shares how it’s truly possible to start living your dream life & believe in yourself even when no one else will." Dec 2018

Burnout to Breakthrough Podcast

44: You are an Abundant Babe with Viola Hug-Taylor "Get ready for an amazing episode! Abundance is already inside of you, so who better to bring on than my beautiful friend Viola. Viola and I chat all about activating abundance, relationships, and receiving your desires in your life and business." Feb 2019

Soul Radiant Radio

08 // You Are An Abundant Babe with Viola Hug "You don’t want to miss this episode, we talk about success, wealth & the limitations we need to break out of in order to embody our true abundant selves. Viola Hug is an Intuitive Business Coach + Mentor for visionaries, host of the “Abundant Babes: a podcast for the visionary” podcast, author of “You are an Abundant Babe,” and an educational and motivational speaker. She lives a digital nomad lifestyle, traveling around the world, working with clients to help them set up and scale their soul business, and empowering woman everywhere to know that they have what it takes to achieve all of their wildest dreams."

Poise with Purpose podcast

5 // Integrating abundance with Viola Hug "Viola’s definition of poise: “I would say feeling assured in your purpose and trusting that life happens for you, and I would consider myself poised because I live like that and truly trust what is happening is happening for me.” I’ve seen firsthand the sparkle in Viola’s eye when she talks about self improvement and it is BEYOND beautiful. She is truly in her element and is multi-gifted, multi-passionate, and singularly the most awesome person on the planet. Her take on abundance is what originally lead me to her group programs and coaching, so definitely check out her podcast if you love talking all things abundance!" [Read more...]

Spirit Girls Facebook live

'Aligning with every dimension of your Soul Vision' 🙌 "Facebook live interview and conversation, hosted my Global Clairvoyant, Channel, and Purpose Fulfilment Coach, Jessica Reid." Join the Spirit Girls Facebook group and watch now.

Limitness Now podcast

.05 // Astro Chat with Viola Hug, Abundant Babe + Visionary. "Viola Hug is the host of the Abundant Babes Podcast and is a total visionary. I love her to pieces + am so excited to have her on the show! This casual chat gives you some real world context to all of the Human Design speak you've been hearing thrown around these days. Viola is a 4/6 Manifestor [Read more]..."

Sober Boss Babe Blog

"Our Sober Boss Babe this month is Viola Hug. Viola really stood out to me, and it’s not just because she’s a fellow Canadian! She is a traveling nomad or as she says “I am a location independent entrepreneur, meaning my husband and I travel around, and are not based anywhere in particular.” [Read more]..."

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