My personal devotional practices Revealed!
As a multi-6 & 7 figure leader who has built a pleasure-centred company while being guided by spirit and prioritizing individual energetics, I know the impact of the things we devote ourselves to.
This is a powerful collection of a transmission + 3 simple channeled devotional practices from me to amplify your wealth & abundance, pleasure & pussy, and power & leadership – without needing to meditate for hours. 
(unless, of course, you want to!)
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Hi love, I'm Viola Hug, but you can call me V

I’m a high-level psychic coach and channel for the feminine-identifying spiritual entrepreneur who desires more wealth and impact AND living with more pleasure and ease.

I’m a best selling author, host of the global chart Spirit Sex Money podcast, previous digital nomad, wildly in love with my husband and baby boy, and live at my own edges, experiencing profound levels of wealth, in all ways.

My three areas of magic making include (but are not limited to) unlocking your souls guidance and human design blueprint, accessing the magic in your sensuality and shadows, and expanding your soul in a way that makes you more money with more impact while living more with more pleasure and ease. As a mama, wife, and quickly expanding multiple-six-figure business owner I still have time for myself and my bath, my pleasure, my life, and my desires. I’m a catalyst and an activator to accessing more of yourself and experiencing expanded possibilities.

It’s a special kinda magic.

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