10 day activation starting Feb 14th to liberate and expand the connection to our souls truth, raw essence, sexual expression, and abundant nature.

sup bishhh, I'm v

I’m a psychic coach and channel for the high level feminine spiritual entrepreneur who knows she’s magic and is ready to experience more impact, wealth and soul expansion.

I’m a best selling author, successful podcaster, previous digital nomad, wildly in love with my husband and baby boy, and just having a lot of fun while being divinely guided and edgy as fuck in my life.

My three areas of magic making include (but are not limited to) unlocking your souls 5D guidance and human design blueprint, accessing the magic in your sensuality and shadows, and expanding your soul in a way that makes you more money with more impact while living more and working less. As a mama, wife, and quickly expanding multiple-six-figure business owner I still have time for myself and my bath, my pleasure, my life, and my desires. I’m a catalyst and an activator to accessing more of yourself and experiencing expanded possibilities.

It’s a special kinda magic.

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