“Fragile Narratives” by @violahug 🥀

I will not bounce back to appease the male gaze.

I will not place my value on my body to fit a beauty standard.
I will not push myself to workout and eat specific ways just to ease the fragile mind of my younger self.
I will not shave the hair that grows naturally on my body because it makes others uncomfortable.
I will not stay out of the sun, inject my face, or get a boob lift to hide the fact I’m lucky enough to be aging.
I will not talk down to the body that has carried me for multiple decades and has created two of the humans I love most in the world.

Our bodies are magical.

Any narrative that wants us to believe otherwise can fuck off.

- Viola Hug

Viola Hug

Writer + Speaker + Insufferable Feminist ♡ Mainly just dreaming about life without capitalism & the patriarchy 𓆃