“Midst of the Storm” by @violahug 🌦

Don’t be afraid to feel… for when we feel we know we’re real.

To let ourselves be overwhelmed with feelings so uncomfortable they break through our being, forming small crystal tears that roll down our cheeks, is the type of magic that opens the door to the deepest pleasures and joys we will ever know.

To feel is the most human thing we could ever do, and let’s not forget that’s the whole point.

Somewhere along the line we were taught it is wrong, we are taught it isn’t safe, we were convinced it’s wrong. The patriarch wanted us to believe emotions are only for the wild, the crazy, and the weak.

But as the world shakes with the rebellion of the matriarch, we know a strength that moves mountains, and the depth that heals generations.

So let yourself be sad, let yourself rage, let yourself burst from the inside out, and watch the rainbows emerge in the midst of the storm.

- Viola Hug

Viola Hug

Writer + Speaker + Insufferable Feminist ♡ Mainly just dreaming about life without capitalism & the patriarchy 𓆃